You're Hired!: Putting Your Sociology Major to Work

Cheryl Joseph
Notre Dame de Namur University, USA

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01 Aug 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
328 pages - 152 x 229mm


Featuring conversations with more than thirty sociology majors on their career trajectories, responses from employers on why they hire sociology majors, and practical career advice, You’re Hired! Putting Your Sociology Major to Work offers readers a comprehensive account of the opportunities a sociology major provides. 

The book begins with the conversations, which convey real world examples of sociologists’ motivations for pursuing the discipline, their career paths, the joys and challenges of their choices, and their advice to current and future students of sociology. Their careers range from politics and technology to medical research and community activism; business and the arts to sports and the environment, all which demonstrate the breadth of career options available to sociology majors. Later chapters present feedback from employers on the skills sociologists offer to the workplace along with guidance on career entry and professional development. 

Those interviewed cover a broad spectrum of society and career progression; some are on the starting block of their careers while others look back from retirement on fulfilling and meaningful professional lives. They represent regional, gender, racial, and the social class reality of today’s world. 

Written in an accessible and upbeat style, You’re Hired! is an informative and inspiring read for current undergraduates, aspiring students, and parents alike.
Sociologists in Business and Politics
Sociologists in Culture and Diversity
Sociologists in Criminal and Community Justice
Sociologists in Arts and Sports
Sociologists in Medical Research
Sociologists in Animal Welfare, Animal Rights, and Animal Studies
Sociologists in Religion
Sociologists in Technology and the Environment 
Sociologists in Social Services
Sociologists in Social Work
Sociologists in Community Organization, Advocacy, and Activism
Sociologists in Education
Snippets from the Field
Sociologists in the Public Eye
Employers Respond: Why Hire Sociology Majors
Self Assessment
Research Options
Explore Your Options
Find Your Desired Job
Professional Development
Career Self-Reliance
Work-Life Balance
Career Websites
Internet Sites for Job Seekers
Career and Green Job Websites
Cheryl Joseph has been a Sociology Professor at Notre Dame de Namur University for 28 years. In that time, she has created and taught a number of traditional Sociology courses and in 2002, designed a concentration within the sociology major titled, Animals in Human Society. From 2012-2014 she was the Director of Program Planning of the Dorothy Stang Center for Social Justice & Community Engagement, and served as Co-Direct of the center from 2009-2012.

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