Writing Differently Vol: 4

Alison Pullen
Macquarie University, Australia

Jenny Helin
Uppsala University, Sweden

Nancy Harding
University of Bath, UK

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24 Apr 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
248 pages - 152 x 229mm
Dialogues in Critical Management Studies
Despite a substantial body of work arguing for a new form of writing about management, organisations, workers, ourselves, and our lives, these calls are ironically made within the traditional scientific language. This volume of Dialogues in Critical Management Studies makes an important effort to facilitate the growth of a nascent movement to write differently and thus capitalise on the fruitful and creative margins which this opens up. 

Writing Differently is a critical, insightful, poetic and timely collection of essays, poems, plays and auto-ethnographic pieces that showcases the potential of academic writing. These texts reflect how writing is not always something we control or have agency over, demonstrate the multiple ways of expressions that are possible when we write about that which matters and exhibit the rich and varied forms of writing that emerge in the processes of being involved in scholarly work. 

The volume will be of interest to those interested in alternative ways of working, researching, thinking, organizing, writing research and research lives.
Chapter 1. Introducing; Alison Pullen, Jenny Helin, Nancy Harding 
Chapter 2. Feminist Writing in a Gendered Transnational World: Women on the Move?; Banu Ozkazanc-Pan 
Chapter 3. On the Fringe/At the Fringe: Fleshing out Research; Caroline Clarke, Sandra Corlett, Charlotte, Gilmore 
Chapter 4. Tractor Dad: From story to a scientific text, and back; Cecilia Bjursell 
Chapter 5. Annotation; Deborah N. Brewis, Sarah Taylor Silverwood 
Chapter 6. Breaking with the masculine reckoning: An open letter to the Critical Management Studies Academy; Katie Beavan 
Chapter 7. When fiction meets theory: Writing with voice, resonance, and an open end; Maria Grafström, Anna Jonsson 
Chapter 8. Writing past and present classed and gendered selves; Marjana Johansson, Sally Jones  
Chapter 9. From Ethnography to Critical Management Studies: Facing the Street Performers' Dilemmas; Marta Połeć 
Chapter 10. The political poetics of Mycelium; Mycelium 
Chapter 11. On silence and speaking out about sexual violence. An exploration through poetry; Noortje van Amsterdam 
Chapter 12. (Re)imagining the activist academy; Ozan Alakavukar  
Chapter 13. Researching through experiencing aesthetic moments: 'Sensory slowness' as my methodological strength; Suvi Satama
Alison Pullen is Professor of Management and Organization Studies at Macquarie University, Australia. Alison's research focuses on analysing and intervening in the politics of work as it concerns gender discrimination, identity politics, and organizational injustice.  
Jenny Helin is an Associate Professor at the Department of Business Studies, Uppsala University, Sweden. Her current research projects focus on questions of dreaming and generosity. Both of them contribute to poetic understanding of organizational life.  
Nancy Harding is Professor of Human Resource Management at the University of Bath School of Management. Her research and teaching focuses on critical approaches to understanding organizations, focusing particularly on working lives.

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