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Worlds of Rankings Vol: 74

Leopold Ringel
Bielefeld University, Germany

Wendy Espeland
Northwestern University, USA

Michael Sauder
University of Lowa, USA

Tobias Werron
Bielefeld University, Germany

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22 Jul 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
332 pages - 152 x 229mm
Research in the Sociology of Organizations
This volume contains an Open Access chapter.

We have witnessed an avalanche of quantitative public measures over the past decades. Research in the social sciences has shown that rankings in particular are now a driving force of social change - both, desired and undesired - in many areas of modern life. This volume explores the distinct allure of rankings in diverse empirical settings such as healthcare, the IT sector, the arts, professional sports, anti-slavery advocacy, the pharma industry, and educational governance.

Drawing from a rich variety of social theories and methodologies, the contributions to this volume advance our understanding of the production, institutionalization, and effects of rankings significantly, sparking new debates and suggesting promising pathways forward.
Chapter 1. Worlds of Rankings; Ringel, Espeland, Sauder and Werron
The producers of rankings
Chapter 2. Beyond Winners and Losers: Ranking Visualizations as Alignment Devices in Global Public Policy; Bandiola-Gill, Grek and Ronzani OPEN ACCESS
Chapter 3. Stepping into the spotlight: how rankings become public performances; Ringel
Chapter 4. Between stakeholders and third parties: Regulatory rankings and the organization of competition; Mehrpouya and Samiolo
The negotiation, interpretation and institutionalization of rankings
Chapter 5. Measure of Shame”: Media Career of the Global Slavery Index; Brankovic
Chapter 6. Redefining Achievement: The Emergence of Rankings in American Baseball, 1850s to 1870s; Minnetian and Werron
Chapter 7. Caring for Numbers. Creating Account-ability through Healthcare Performance Metrics in Sweden and the Netherland; Wallenburg, Bal and Essén
The effects of rankings
Chapter 8. The Garbage Can Model and Organizational Metrics; Sauder, Chun and Espeland
Chapter 9. Formality vs. Flexibility: The Effects of Evaluation Practices on Judging and Performance; Lom
Chapter 10. Ranking strategy: how organisations respond to the new competitive battlefields; Pollock, D’Adderio and Kornberger
Leopold Ringel is Lecturer in Sociology at Bielefeld University, Germany. He works in the areas of organizational sociology, political sociology, and sociological theory and studies the impact of transparency on organizations and the institutionalization of rankings.

Wendy Espeland is Professor of Sociology at Northwestern University, USA. She works in the areas of quantification, organizations, culture, and social theory.

Michael Sauder is Professor of Sociology at the University of Iowa, USA. His research interests include the study of luck and inequality, the organizational effects of quantification, and the diffusion of ideas.

Tobias Werron is Professor of Sociological Theory at Bielefeld University, Germany. His research interests include competition, nationalism, globalization and practices of theorizing.

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