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Working with Teachers and Other Support Staff for Inclusive Education Vol: 4

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30 Jan 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
312 pages - 152 x 229 x 28mm
International Perspectives on Inclusive Education
Support staff in schools are increasingly recognised as playing an important, though often undefined, role in inclusive education. While there has been some research on how best to work with support staff, this book provides readers with a comprehensive examination of roles and responsibilities within the classroom. Issues in determining appropriate ways to work effectively with support staff are raised, along with strategies teachers can use to enhance the collaborative and reflective nature of working with others.
The Changing Nature of the Roles of Support Staff. New Metaphors for Teacher/Paraeducator Relationships. The Role of Psychologists in Inclusive Settings. Incorporating Therapy into the Regular Curriculum: Working Together with Occupational Therapists. Teacher Views on Working with Others to Promote Inclusion. Support Staff and Indigenous Education. Visiting Teachers’ Perceptions about Working with Teacher Assistants and Teachers. Paraeducator Voices on Inclusive Education. Programming and Planning within a Multi-Faceted Classroom. Working Collaboratively with Support Staff for Inclusive Education. Assistive Technology and Teacher Assistants. Training Programs for Teacher Assistants. Reflective Practitioners: Teachers and Support Staff Reflecting Together. Working with Teaching Assistants and Other Support Staff for Inclusive Education. International Perspectives on Inclusive Education. Working with Teaching Assistants and Other Support Staff for Inclusive Education. Copyright page. List of Contributors. Introduction. About the Authors. Index.

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