Working Deeply: Transforming Lives Through Transformational Coaching

Robert Barner
Southern Methodist University, USA

Ken Ideus
Boston University, USA

Product Details
09 May 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
240 pages - 152 x 229mm
Coaching serves as a catalyst for supporting clients in their self-exploration and personal growth. In many instances, that growth has the potential to be transformational. Working Deeply is a guide for executive coaches and leadership development professionals to help them foster their clients’ efforts in deep transformational learning. To facilitate this process, the authors introduce theories, concepts, and applied techniques for undertaking transformational coaching, and provide coaching cases and examples illustrating the use of these tools. They also introduce readers to a variety of research studies on such topics as mindfulness, mindsets, future selves, and narrative analysis, and discuss the application of this research to the area of transformational coaching. Finally, they explore how coaches can shape their perspectives and approaches to enable positive transformation. What readers will take from Working Deeply something of value that will help them develop their ability to support their coaching clients, and strengthen their practice as coaching professionals.
Preface 1. Beginning the deep dive 2. The use of self in coaching 3. Opening the door to transformational learning 4. Turning the mirror on ourselves 5. We are verbs, not nouns 6. Finding your ally 7. Story Time 8. Pulling from the Future 9. Coaching - A multi-cultural perspective 10. Staying on the path
Dr. Robert Barner is an Associate Professor of Clinical Services within Southern Methodist University’s Graduate Program in Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management. He has trained over 400 individuals in the Executive Coaching Certificate Program that he directs for SMU. Dr. Barner is the author of seven previous books, including 'Building Better Teams', 'Accelerating Your Development as a Leader', and 'Bench Strength', that have been translated into several languages. Prior to joining SMU, Dr Barner spent thirty years as a talent development executive in the private sector, where he gained extensive experience in coaching C-Level executives and high-potential leaders. 
Dr. Ken Ideus’ work in human development spans over 40 years. His experience includes behavioural health, corporate leadership, organizational change and voice communications. Following a successful corporate career, Ken established a private business in London. Executive coaching has been a key element of his professional life over the years. Working with and coaching executives from Angola, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Central and Eastern Europe, Cyprus, India, China and numerous other countries, has provided Ken with unique insights into working with individuals from highly diverse cultural domains. Ken now resides between London and Cape Town.

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