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Work and Family in the New Economy Vol: 26

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25 Feb 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
384 pages - 152 x 229 x 24mm
Research in the Sociology of Work
This volume will focus on innovative research that examines how the nature of paid work intersects with family and personal life today. Although some workers have more stability than others, rising income inequality, the continued rise of nonstandard work, further erosion of unions, technological advancements that encourage permeable boundaries between work and home, and the pressures of a global 24/7 economy generate an aura of insecurity for all. Some workers are working long hours but have some control over when, where and how they work; many others are poorly compensated and struggle with underemployment, have little say over their schedules, lack adequate benefits, and must cobble together several jobs and/or rely heavily on kinship networks to make ends meet. These changes suggest the need for nuanced analyses that are sensitive to class variation in work conditions and to diverse family formations. Research that addresses how current work conditions are experienced in different life course stages and in different policy contexts is also needed to fully understand the work-family interface.
Italian Parents in Precarious Work: How Normative Beliefs Affect Social Understandings of the Work–Family Boundary. The Second Shift and the Nonstandard Shift: How Working Nonstandard Hours Affects the Relationship between the Division of Household Labor and Wives’ Fairness Perceptions. Technology Use and the New Economy: Work Extension, Network Connectivity, and Employee Distress and Productivity. What Would Jesus Haul?: Home, Work, and the Politics of Masculinity among Christian Long-Haul Truck Drivers. Copyright page. Work and Family in the New Economy. List of Contributors. Research in the sociology of work. Work and Family in the New Economy. Introduction: Work and Family in the New Economy. Policing Work and Family: How Workers Cope with Contradictions and Dilemmas of Implementing Welfare-to-Work. When Work Becomes Family: The Case of Low-Wage Caregivers. Is Work-family Conflict a Multilevel Stressor Linking Job Conditions to Mental Health? Evidence from the Work, Family and Health Network. The Relationship of Work Unit Pressure to Satisfaction with Work–Family Balance: A New Twist on Negative Spillover?. Giving Care and Perceiving Discrimination: The Social and Organizational Context of Family Responsibilities Discrimination. Policy or Empowerment? Policy Environments, Political Empowerment, and Work–Family Conflict. Discussing Work-Life Fit: Factors that Predict Managerial Promotion of Flexible Work Arrangements. Implementing Institutional Change: Flexible Work and Team Processes in a White Collar Organization.

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