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Women Thriving in Academia

Marian Mahat
The University of Melbourne, Australia

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26 Apr 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
228 pages - 129 x 198mm
Surviving and Thriving in Academia


In a male-dominated higher education sector characterised by overt and subtle adversities for women, the path for women in academia is rarely a simple and easy one. This book sets out to empower women in academia to unite in sharing their stories, inspiring and encouraging one another. 

Providing international perspectives from Asia, Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom, and packed with real examples, success stories and practical advice from academic women at all levels, this timely text equips readers to understand how we can move higher education institutions beyond the constraints that have held highly competent women back for far too long. Chronicling both the challenges and opportunities posed by the higher education sector, and cutting across the fields of leadership, management and gender studies, the contributors offer a finely curated collection which empowers women not only to better navigate the academic world, but thrive in it.
Chapter 1. Women thriving in academia: exploring the terrain; Marian Mahat 
Chapter 2. Making work count: the journey towards meaning in academia; Chin Ee Loh  
Chapter 3. Legitimacy and collegial relationships for a woman of color in the academy; Zukiswa Mthimunye-Kekana 
Chapter 4. Women leading in academia: voices from within the ivory tower; Marian Mahat, Rita Hardiman, Kate Howell, and Iderlina Mateo-Babiano 
Chapter 5. Learning to lead by saying yes; A. Lin Goodwin 
Chapter 6. The power of networks in the gendered academy; Emily Yarrow  
Chapter 7. Women’s work: education-focused academics in higher education; Pauline M Ross 
Chapter 8. The xchange festival. Small x, big change?; Kate Carruthers Thomas  
Chapter 9. Using a portfolio approach to navigate academia; Elizabeth Hartnell-Young 
Chapter 10. What now for the modern female academic; Marian Mahat
Marian Mahat is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne. She has more than twenty years of professional and academic experience, spanning several universities, the Australian Federal and local governments, as well as the private sector. Her research focuses on improving student learning and outcomes in various educational and learning environmental contexts.
'This is a book every early career woman in academia needs to read. The higher education landscape has been reformed in the last few decades, however, there are still hostilities, subtle and not so subtle that needs to be understood to navigate a career in this field. The book uses personal reflective narratives of women in academia to provide an account of intersecting roles of race, gender, and class. The journey to the top is full of obstacles and needs strategies such as those that are provided in the book. This book underscores the value and the importance of networks and support structures that women need to succeed in their academic careers.' - Teboho Moja, Professor, Higher Education Program, New York University, USA

'This little book is a veritable treasure chest, complete with a compelling forward written by Dr Jane den Hollander, AO. The contributors show that there is no academic fairy tale for women (spoiler alert!). Instead they draw on their collective wealth of knowledge and experience to offer relatable accounts of what flourishing in academia entails and how to transform some of the gritty realities of academic life into success. Read it and learn how to navigate the snakes and ladders of academic life with nous.' - Dr Sarah Healy, Melbourne Graduate School of Education

"An empowering book that deeply reflects on gender challenges and opportunities in the contemporary academy around the world. The international, real-life examples were fascinating and serve as an inspiring read." - Dr Maryam Aldossari, University of Edinburgh, UK.

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