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Water Communities Vol: 2

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10 Jun 2010
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
210 pages - 156 x 234 x 25mm
Community, Environment and Disaster Risk Management
Water is the key to human civilization. Most of the ancient civilization had its roots to river basins, where people-water interaction was the key aspect. Due to innovations of knowledge and technology and modernization of lifestyles, the human-water direct contact has become less significant. People have become more dependent to the system, and consequently, the closeness to water is gradually diminishing. It is however, a challenge on how to learn from the basic principles of water human interaction and apply those lessons to the current context of urban and rural settings. This book will provide a few analytical case studies on different aspects of water communities, which is defined as the human-water interaction process.
List of Contributors. List of Editors. Chapter 1 Water communities: Introduction and overview. Chapter 2 Community-based water management practices in Japan. Chapter 3 Bangkok liquid perception: waterscape urbanism in the Chao Phraya river delta and implications to climate change adaptation. Chapter 4 Tripod scheme for flood disaster prevention and technical transfer. Chapter 5 Amplifying the community voices for greater access to drinking water in Bangladesh. Chapter 6 Building civil organization networks in Shingashi river basin toward sustainable water environment. Chapter 7 Progress of research on cascade irrigation systems in the dry zones of Sri Lanka. Chapter 8 Pani panchayat: examples of water governance and community participation in India. Chapter 9 Urbanization does not always make progress: Experiences of Horikawa River in Nagoya. Chapter 10 Water management systems of China: Water cellar for community. Chapter 11 From the water community to policy perspectives of sustainable eco-development in Kampong Bahru, Malaysia. Chapter 12 Indigenous and scientific water management: Fusing research on urban headwater transformations in Northern Thailand and Metropolitan Baltimore. Chapter 13 The water community case of Chou-Shui River in Taiwan. Chapter 14 Essentials of water communities and its future perspective. Preface. Brief introduction of the series. Community, environment and disaster risk Management. Copyright page. Brief introduction of the volume.

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