Vulnerability in a Mobile World

Helen Forbes-Mewett
Monash University, Australia

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25 Nov 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
200 pages - 152 x 229mm
Populations across the world are becoming increasingly mobile for many different reasons. Some are searching for a better and safer life, others migrate for economic or environmental purposes, education, or identity formation. While mobility may bring better life-chances, this book shows that for some it means experiencing vulnerability.

Vulnerability in a Mobile World considers the notion of vulnerability from various standpoints including intercultural relationships, homelessness, urbanisation, refugee and asylum seekers, and the use of YouTube by young girls. The diversity of the circumstances and characteristics of the vulnerable enable this book to uniquely show just how broad the notion of vulnerability can be. Presenting an international perspective to social problems in various settings, the chapters are brought together in a coherent argument that shows vulnerability has many forms and is often associated with mobile populations. 

Vulnerability in a Mobile World is based on a collection of studies by new and emerging scholars focussing on the impacts of migration and mobility in contemporary contexts. Within this framework, each chapter presents new findings that provides poignant examples of vulnerability involving diverse populations, geographical locations and circumstances.
1. Introduction; Helen Forbes-Mewett 
2. Defining vulnerability; Helen Forbes-Mewett and Kien Nguyen-Trung 
3. Rethinking individual vulnerability and homelessness in Singapore; Harry Tan 
4. Urbanisation, vulnerability and police legitimacy; Allegra Clare Schermuly 
5. Vulnerability to natural disasters: the case of Vietnam's Mekong Delta; Kien Nguyen-Trung 
6. Refugee and asylum seeker vulnerability in the context of resettlement: The role of humanitarian organisations in Australia and Italy; Gianluigi Rotondo
7. International student migration and mental health; Jiamin Gan and Helen Forbes-Mewett 
8. Young people's perceptions of intercultural relationships; Anita McDonald-Doh 
9. Negotiating 'vulnerability' in a 'mobile' world: Tween girls' dressing in Singapore and YouTube; Bernice Loh
10. Conclusion; Helen Forbes-Mewett
Helen Forbes-Mewett is Discipline Head of Sociology, School of Social Sciences at Monash University. She is also Deputy Director of the Monash Migration and Inclusion Centre. Her work focuses on human security, international education, migration, cultural diversity and social cohesion. She is a member of the Victorian Multicultural Commission Regional Advisory Committee. Helen is an Editorial Board member and Associate Editor for the Journal of International Students.

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