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Visionary Pricing: Reflections and Advances in Honor of Dan Nimer Vol: 19

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29 Nov 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
392 pages - 156 x 234 x 36mm
Advances in Business Marketing and Purchasing


"Visionary Pricing" is dedicated to Dan Nimer, pioneer of pricing and price management. The volume features leading edge thinking from today's preeminent pricing thought leaders from North America, Europe, and Asia who originally came together 30 years ago to encourage the development of pricing. They now assess the present and future destiny of pricing, pricing innovation, and pricing paradigms that are influencing the evolution of pricing throughout the world. The volume contains four sections: section 1 interviews Nimer and presents his views on the emergence of value-based pricing as an influential pricing paradigm of the 21st century; section 2 focuses on pricing strategy and competitive advantage; section 3 focuses on the difining role of value in pricing; and section 4 focuses on pricing capability and innovation.
List of Contributors. About the Editor. Foreword to Visionary Pricing. Introduction to Visionary Pricing. One on One, Pricing with Dan Nimer. The Founding Principles and Strategies of Pricing. Integrating Marketing and Operational Choices for Profit Growth. How Price Consulting is Coming of Age. Incorporating Competitive Strategy in Pricing Strategy. Emergent Pricing Strategy. Price and Customers’ Perceptions of Value. Using Case ROI™ to Determine Customer and Segment Value in the Business-to-Business Environment. Legal Tools that Support Value Pricing. Understanding Value – Beyond Mere Metrics. Creating Value with Sales Promotion Strategies that Avoid Price Discounting. Pricing: From Good to World Class. Pricing Software: Ten Predictions for the Future. Capturing the Value of Pricing Analytics. Prepare your Pricing Operations for Change. About the Authors. Visionary Pricing: Reflections and Advances in Honor of Dan Nimer. Advances in Business Marketing & Purchasing. Advances in Business Marketing & Purchasing. Copyright page. On Dan Nimer.

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