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Varieties of Community Sociology Vol: 9

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01 Oct 1989
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
336 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Research in Community Sociology


Research in Community Sociology
Participatory Action Research and Community Change. Participatory research, knowledge, and community-based change: experience, epistemology, and empowerment (L.L. Williams). Reunifying community and transforming society: community development education and the university (T.D. Dickinson). The community of circumstance - a tale of three cities: community participation in St. Kilda, Knox, and Lewisham (G. Marsh). Poverty, Victimization, and Social Justice. Poverty, gender, and social justice victimization and social problems in rural Pakistan (P.C. Jobes). Urban explosion and ethnic conflicts in India: does poverty matter? (R.S. Gandhi). Poverty amidst plenty: how do Canadian cities cope with rising poverty? (D.A. Chekki). New Patterns of Work and Community Quality of Life. Forward to the past? Home-based work and the meaning, use, and design of residential space (W. Michelson et al.). Working and living in the quality-of-life district (L. Nevarez). Residential Community of Senior Citizens. Identifying the elements of community character: a case study of community dimensionality in old age residential areas (I.J. Townshend, W.K.D. Davies). Urban Housing and Neighbourhood Improvement. Housing need, neighborhood improvement, and the contributions of experts in North Point Douglas, Winnipeg, 1971-1981: a gender and race sensitive analysis (F. Klodawsky). Spatial Dimensions of Urban Life. The hidden community: spatial dimensions of urban life (A.I. Sinikka Dixon). Index.

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