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Using Subject Headings for Online Retrieval: Theory, Practice and Potential Vol: 94

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29 Apr 1994
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
365 pages - 152 x 229 x 25mm
Library and Information Science
Using Subject Headings for Online Retrieval" is an indispensable tool for online system designers who are grappling with developing new systems or refining existing ones. This ready reference describes subject analysis and subject searching in online catalogs, including the limitations of retrieval, and demonstrates how such limitations can be overcome through system design and programming. The practical reference also describes the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) system and system characteristics; it shows how information is stored in machine-readable files; and it offers examples of and recommendations for successful retrieval methods. Tables are included to support these recommendations, and diagrams, graphs, and bar charts are used to provide results of data analysis. Practitioners in institutions using or considering the installation of an online catalog will continuously consult this book to generate specifications. The book also appeals to researchers in library systems, information retrieval, and user behavior because it details the results of an extensive, empirical study of the subject terms entered into online systems by end users. It also addresses the needs of advanced students in library schools and instructors in library automation, information retrieval, cataloging, indexing, and user behavior. It overviews the LCSH system and system characteristics. It describes how information is stored in machine-readable files. It offers examples of and recommendations for successful retrieval methods. Empirical evidence supports recommendations.
Subject Analysis in Library Catalogs. Subject Authority Records in the Machine-Readable LCSH. Subject Information in Bibliographic Records. Subject Heading Compatibility between LCSH-mr and Bibliographic Files. Studies of the Subject Queries Users Enter into Online Systems. An Overview of User Queries. Queries for Topical Subjects That are Likely to Succeed. Other Queries Likely to Succeed. Queries for Topical Subjects Not Likely to Succeed. Other Queries Not Likely to Succeed. The Exact Approach to Subject Searching. Choosing among Existing Subject Search Approaches as Responses to User Queries. Search Trees for Subject Searching. The Future of Subject Headings for Online Information Retrieval. Appendix A: SULIRS Subject Search. Appendix B: ORION Subject Search. Appendix C: LS/2000 Subject Search. Appendix D: Multiple-Heading Match Categories. Index.

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