Unsafe Spaces: Ending Sexual Abuse in Universities

Eva Tutchell
Independent Education Consultant, UK

John Edmonds
Kings College London, UK

Product Details
14 Sep 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
288 pages - 138 x 216mm


Unsafe Spaces reveals the shocking extent of sexual abuse in English and Welsh universities. Thousands of students and staff suffer sexual abuse every year and too little is being done to end what has become a public scandal. This important book is based on research, a detailed examination of current practice and on the compelling testimony of survivors, who tell of their ordeal and the miserable after-effects. Confidence is shattered and careers are damaged. Unsafe Spaces names the handful of universities who have approached this problem with sympathy and professionalism, but finds that the majority are failing their students and staff. Usually sexual abuse is given too little attention, and most universities have not even collected reliable information or recruited trained specialists. Too often, universities seek to conceal the extent of sexual misconduct instead of focusing on care and prevention. The authors advocate greater openness and a new policy agenda, making the safety and welfare of everyone on campus into a top priority for university management. Crucial reading for university leaders, staff, students, and those committed to ending sexual violence, Unsafe Spaces offers practical solutions both to the present crisis and to the culture of disrespect which blights many universities and allows sexual abuse to continue unchecked.
Chapter 1. A Scandal Concealed 
Chapter 2. Stories of Distress 
Chapter 3. Doubts and Discontent 
Chapter 4. Evidence from the Media 
Chapter 5. A Failing Process 
Chapter 6. Living with the Market 
Chapter 7. Seeking a Better Culture 
Chapter 8. Ending the Abuse 
Chapter 9. Regulation and Pressure 
Chapter 10. Starting Afresh
Eva Tutchell began her career as a secondary school teacher, and worked for many years as an education adviser working on gender issues across all age groups. Her book Dolls and Dungarees is recommended for primary school teachers. She has researched the attitudes of teenage boys, and published guidance for schools and colleges on disordered eating.  

John Edmonds was General Secretary of the GMB trade union for 17 years, where he increased the representation of women throughout the union. More recently John has focussed on environmental issues, a more inclusive system of education, and equal rights for women. He is a Visiting Fellow of King’s College, London and a Visiting Professor at Durham University Business School. Unsafe Spaces is the third book that Eva and John have written together.

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