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Universities and Entrepreneurship: Meeting the Educational and Social Challenges Vol: 11

Paul Jones
Swansea University, UK

Nikolaos Apostolopoulos
Neapolis University Pafos, Cyprus

Alexandros Kakouris
Hellenic Open University, Greece

Christopher Moon
Middlesex University, UK

Vanessa Ratten
La Trobe University, Australia

Andreas Walmsley
Coventry University, UK

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15 Feb 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
356 pages - 152 x 229mm
Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Research


Universities and Entrepreneurship: Meeting the educational and social challenges addresses the concerns on how universities nurture entrepreneurship and how this leads to their transformation into entrepreneurial universities. 

This novel edited volume attempts to answer the following timely questions:  
1. What are intrinsic demands for entrepreneurship rooted to universities in the 21st century? 
2. What are conducive environments for entrepreneurial learning in both academic and non-academic settings? 
3. Do these attempts demonstrate differential impact across students from different disciplines, and more generally amongst the youth population? 

This eleventh volume of Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Research is a valuable contribution to the intersection of research into entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial universities. In acknowledging the varied and somewhat piecemeal approach taken to address these issues to date, this edited volume provides a more systematic and integrated perspective with relevance for students of entrepreneurship as well as for educators and policymakers.
Chapter 1. Universities and entrepreneurship: Meeting the educational and social challenges; Paul Jones,Nikolaos Apostolopoulos, Alexandros Kakouris,Christopher Moon,Vanessa Ratten and Andreas Walmsley 
Chapter 2. Entrepreneurial Education and Emotional Intelligence: A state of the art review; Fotis Kitsios, Ioannis Sitaridis, and Maria Kamariotou  
Chapter 3. Entrepreneurial education in Russian universities: Achievements, reflections and milestones; Sergei Polbitsyn, Aleksei Kluyev, Anna Bagirova, Aleksandr Yashin and Alexandros Kakouris
Chapter 4. The role of alumni clubs in the universities’ entrepreneurial networks: an inquiry in Italian universities; Matteo Landoni, Daniela Bolzani, and Alessandro Baroncelli 
Chapter 5. Entrepreneurship Education in an Era of Digital Communications; George Papageorgiou, Simona Mihai-Yiannaki, Myria Ioannou, Despina Varnava-Marouchou, and Stelios Marneros
Chapter 6. Effect of entrepreneurship training on students capability of agency and entrepreneurship intention; Lorena del Carmen Álvarez-Castañón and Pilar Arroyo 
Chapter 7. Entrepreneurship Education and Venture Intention; Anthony Abiodun Eniola and Kelechi Chioma Osigwe 
Chapter 8. The influence of the field of study and entrepreneurship course in entrepreneurial intention among university students; Vivien Szczepanik and Beatriz Casais
Chapter 9. The role of cultural and social norms to create entrepreneurship educational programs; Allan Villegas-Mateos, Elda Barron and Linda Elizabeth Ruiz  
Chapter 10. Effect of sociodemographic factors in entrepreneurial orientation and entrepreneurial intention in university students of latinamerican business schools; Raquel Chafloque-Cespedes, Aldo Alvarez-Risco, Paula-Viviana Robayo-Acuña, Carlos-Antonio Gamarra-Chavez, Gabriel-Mauricio Martinez-Toro, and Wagner Vicente-Ramos  
Chapter 11. The social role of the university today: from institutional prestige to ethical positioning; J. Andrés Domínguez-Gómez, Hugo Pinto and Teresa González Gómez 
Chapter 12. An Emergent Narrative System To Design Conducive Educational Experiences; Moritz Philip Reck and Stefano Perna  
Chapter 13. The Triple Helix: A Case Study of Centurion University of Technology and Management; Adah-Kole Emmanuel Onjewu, Arun Sukumar, KVD Prakash and Mohamed Yacine Haddoud
Chapter 14. What is distinctive about thinking like an entrepreneur and how can we educate students to do it?; Lucy Hatt 
Chapter 15. Entrepreneurship Education and Entrepreneurial Identity: Beyond Stereotypes; Felicity Mendoza, Tracey M. Coule and Andrew Johnston 
Chapter 16. How Polish universities develop students' entrepreneurial competencies; Katarzyna Piwowar-Sulej, Izablela Kwil and Krzysztof Podsiadły
Paul Jones is a Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Swansea University’s School of Management in the UK. 

Nikolaos Apostolopoulos is an Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Director of the MBA programme at Neapolis University Pafos, Cyprus. 

Alexandros Kakouris is a researcher and adjunct professor at the University of Peloponnese, Greece. He also teaches at the Hellenic Open University, Greece. 

Christopher Moon is a Senior Lecturer in Eco-entrepreneurship at Middlesex University, UK. 

Vanessa Ratten is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. 

Andreas Walmsley is an Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship at the International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship, Coventry University, UK.

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