Understanding the New Business Paradigm in Eastern Europe: Lessons on Building a Successful Small Business

Robert Kozielski
University of Lodz, Poland

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17 Feb 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
224 pages - 152 x 229mm
It is beyond a doubt that the business landscape is constantly changing with every small business looking for the next competitive advantage. In Understanding the New Business Paradigm in Eastern Europe, Kozielski presents a universal model for building a successful business in these hectic times. His four-tiered model is based on lessons learned from both developed and emerging markets across Eastern Europe, and is neither limited to one type of organization or a market, nor has any geographical borders. Called the 'four-leaf clover'; Kozielski's model features the experiences of such companies as mBank (part of Commerzbank), Aflofarm, Atlas, Redan, Sphinx and more. This work will be of interest to academics and professional who are looking for a holistic and systematic approach to successful small business management.
Introduction 1. Change in Business Paradigm 2. In search of new business opportunities 3. Business concept and business model 4. Operational efficiency 5. Organizational culture and leader 6. New business paradigm of the organization of tomorrow 7. Instead of the end i.e. materialization of the Darwin theory
Robert Kozielski, Fulbright Scholar (Willamette University, USA) and Associate Professor at the University of Lódz (Poland), is a leading authority on market strategies of enterprises, strategic analyses, and the evaluation of marketing actions’ effectiveness in organizations. He is also the author of over 200 publications (books and articles) on market activities that have been published both in Poland and abroad, including Determinants of Organization Success, How to Quickly Write a Professional Marketing Plan, Advertising and Competitive Capacity of Polish Enterprises and Marketing Metrics (the first publication of its kind in the world concerning measurement processes and marketing indicators, ahead of such centers as, e.g., the Wharton Business School). He has presented papers, made presentations, and participated in numerous conferences and seminars in Poland and abroad.

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