Understanding Financial Risk Management

Angelo Corelli
American University in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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28 Oct 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
584 pages - 171 x 248mm
Financial risk management is a topic of primary importance in financial markets. It is important to learn how to measure and control risk, how to be primed for the opportunity of compensative return, and how to avoid useless exposure.  

This second edition of Understanding Financial Risk Management offers an updated version of its innovative approach to such issues. Angelo Corelli analyses the various types of financial risk that a financial institution now face in everyday operations—including market, interest rate, credit, liquidity, operational, currency, volatility, and enterprise risk. He deals with each type of risk using a rigorous mix of analytical and theoretical approaches; he gives introductory overviews to the most relevant statistical and mathematical tools; and he provides innovative analyses of all the major models available in the literature. This broad view of theory and the current state of the industry provides a friendly but serious starting point for those who encounter risk management for the first time, and it offers plenty of food for thought to more advanced readers. 

For its unique mix of rigour and accessibility, this book is a must-read for finance professionals, and it is of keen interest to finance students and researchers.
Chapter 1. Risk: An Overview 
Chapter 2. Financial Markets and Volatility 
Chapter 3. Conditional Dependence and Time Series 
Chapter 4. Statistical Analysis 
Chapter 5. Beyond Normality and Correlation 
Chapter 6. Conditional Risk Analysis 
Chapter 7. High Frequency Data 
Chapter 8. Financial Derivatives 
Chapter 9. Option Pricing and Risk Modeling 
Chapter 10. Market Risk 
Chapter 11. Inside Value at Risk 
Chapter 12. Interest Rate Risk 
Chapter 13. Credit Risk 
Chapter 14. Liquidity Risk 
Chapter 15. Enterprise Risk 
Chapter 16. Other Risks 
Chapter 17. Financial Crisis and Securitization 
Chapter 18. Liquidity Risk 
Chapter 19. Enterprise Risk 
Chapter 20. Other Risks 
Chapter 21. Financial Crisis and Securitization 
Chapter 22. Hedging Techniques 
Chapter 23. Advanced Topics 
Chapter 24. The Future of Financial Risk Management
Angelo Corelli is Associate Professor of Finance at the American University in Dubai. His research interests include quantitative risk management, risk of financial derivatives, term structure analysis and valuation, and risk of financial derivatives.

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