Transport, Travel and Later Life Vol: 10

Charles Musselwhite
College of Human and Health Sciences, UK

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21 Nov 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
248 pages - 152 x 229mm
Transport and Sustainability
This book, set within a social gerontology and transport behaviour studies paradigm, examines current debates and issues around transport for older people and its relationship to health and wellbeing for individuals and society as a whole. 

This timely title explores transport and travel needs and motivations of older people, barriers older people face using public and community transport, difficulties in accessing public spaces for walking and cycling. The safety of older drivers and recent advances in technology are also investigated. 

Concluding by looking to the future in addressing digital cities, driverless cars and other changes in ICT that may affect older people and their travel behaviour, a variety of global perspectives examine the social aspects of mobility and transport from a psychological, sociological, and geographical perspective. This title will be of interest to those working with older people in the health and wellbeing sector, those involved in transport and town and country planning and academics examining gerontology and associated social science subjects.
Introduction, Conceptualising Travel, Transport and Mobility for Older People; Charles Musselwhite. 
1. Older People’s Travel and Its Relationship to Their Health and Wellbeing; Roger Mackett. 
2. Are Older People Safe Drivers On the Roads, Testing and Training; Kit Mitchell 
3. Old Age: What Are the Main Difficulties and Vulnerabilities in The Transport Environment? Deborah Mifsud, Maria Attard And Stephen Ison 
4. The Travel Needs of Older People and What Happens When People Give-Up Driving; Charles Musselwhite and Hebba Haddad 
5. Public and Community Transport; Charles Musselwhite 
6. Creating A Convivial Public Realm for an Ageing Population. Being A Pedestrian and The Built Environment; Charles Musselwhite 
7. Cycling Beyond Your Sixties: The Role of Cycling in Later Life and How It Can Be Supported and Promoted; Tim Jones, Kiron Chatterjee, Ben Spencer and Heather Jones 
8. Old Driver Needs and Issues: Using Grounded Theory to Elicit the Driving Needs of Older People; Charles Musselwhite and Hebba Haddad 
9. Technologies, Education and Training to Improve Older Driver Behaviour; Charles Musselwhite 
10. Virtual and Imaginative Mobility: How Do We Bring the Outside Indoors and What Happens When Mobility Is No Longer Available?; Charles Musselwhite 
11. Future Transport Technologies for an Ageing Society: Practice and Policy; David Metz
Dr Charles Musselwhite is Associate Professor in Gerontology at the Centre for Innovative Ageing (CIA) at Swansea University, UK, leading the Environments and Ageing research strand. His research interests involve ageing, travel and transport, addressing technological, environmental, health and sustainability contexts of transportation and built environment studies. Charles has advised the United Kingdom (UK) parliament on older people’s transport issues and is an Executive committee member of the British Society of Gerontology (BSG), where he is editor of their journal, Generations Review. He is an Associate Editor for Journal of Transport & Health and on the editorial board for Ageing and Society journal.

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