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Transport Policy and Funding

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27 Mar 2006
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
220 pages - 156 x 234 x 14mm


Many countries around the world are making large investments in transportation improvements, but even greater investments are still needed. Funding is the key to promoting convenient and attractive transportation systems. Various types of financial resources are currently being used and a variety of new funding systems are being introduced. Transport policies and funding systems are at a point of significant divergence. A detailed comparison of their conceptual basis is extremely interesting and valuable in determining the best direction for future transportation improvements. "Transport Policy and Funding" examines how developed countries are solving the problem of providing capital for present and future transportation goals. After describing the theoretical basis of funding, the authors introduce the policies and financial systems established in several major countries. Especially new systems are analyzed in detail, including charging tolls on roadway users and the utilization of private funds for railway and airport improvement. Next, they provide a demonstrative clarification of how the financial resources differ among those countries. They calculate who is actually paying for those investments and the results are compared using a variety of charts and tables. This book will be of value to higher level researchers and graduate students in transportation and economics, and also to transportation authorities, consultants, and government officials involved in transportation; Ministries and other public transport agencies; international banking and investment companies; and major construction companies.
Introduction. Theory and Practice of Funding for Transportation Improvements. Funding Systems. Transportation Policy and Funding Systems. A Methodology for Comparing Financial Resources. Calculation of Investment Amounts. Calculation of Contributors' Shares. Comparative Study. For the Future. Appendix. Bibliography.

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