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Transparency in Information and Governance Vol: 13

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17 Oct 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
375 pages - 156 x 234 x 33mm
International Finance Review


In some circles, transparency has become a buzzword as organizations face increasing pressure from institutional shareholders and regulators, banks and other stakeholders needing to monitor financial conditions and managerial decisions more closely to protect their interests. The call for corporate transparency has also intensified for banks since the recent global financial crises and as a result of a series of egregious financial scandals. For this volume we have collected 12 original research papers dealing with various issues relating to transparency. This topic spans many disciplines beyond accounting and finance, intersecting economics, law and management, embracing sociology and political science, and offering opportunities for creative interdisciplinary research. We hope this volume is a useful one-stop reference for students and scholars as well as practitioners and policymakers interested in such work.
List of Contributors. Corporate Transparency from the Global Perspective: A Conceptual Overview. Institutional Ownership, Internal Control, and Disclosure Transparency. Corporate Transparency of Business Group Firms in the Absence of Internal Market Benefits. Influence of Tax Accounting on Transparency. Board Transparency, CEO Monitoring and Firms’ Financial Performance. Symmetry in the Sensitivity of Executive Bonus Compensation to Earnings and Returns in High-technology Firms. Differences in Corporate Transparency between MNC Subsidiaries and Domestic Corporations: Empirical Evidence from India. Cash Flow Stability Versus Transparency: What do Investors Value about Listed Infrastructure Funds?. Earnings Management Behaviour Under the Recent Economic Downturn in Spain. The Role of Analysts’ Recommendation Revisions in Helping Investors Understand the Valuation Implications of Announced Earnings. Does Broker Anonymity Hide Informed Traders?. Central Bank and Private Sector's Welfare Under Partial Transparency Versus Publicity: A Two-Player Monetary Policy Game. Opacity in Latin America: Argentina and Chile: A Case Study Comparison. Transparency and Governance in a Global World. International finance review. International finance review. Copyright page.

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