Transforming the Rural: Global Processes and Local Futures Vol: 24

Terry Marsden
Cardiff University, UK

Mara Miele
Cardiff University, UK

Vaughan Higgins
Charles Sturt University, Australia

Hilde Bjørkhaug
Centre for Rural Research, Norway

Monica Truninger
University of Lisbon, Portugal

Product Details
18 Jul 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
382 pages - 152 x 229mm
Research in Rural Sociology and Development
In recent decades, globalization has transformed rural societies and economies across the world. Much has been written by social scientists about the actors and structures underpinning these transformations and the effects on particular social groups, organizations and industries. Yet, to date much less attention has been given to the specific global processes that are fundamental to contemporary rural change. Rural Change and Global Processes provides a systematic analysis of the key global processes transforming rural spaces in the early 21st century – financialization; standardization; consumption, and commodification. Through detailed case studies, the book examines why these processes are important, how they work in practice, and the challenges they raise as well as opportunities created. The book will be of particular relevance to researchers, graduate students, and policy-makers interested in the implications of global processes for rural people and livelihoods.
Section I: Financialization
Chapter 1 The Financialization of Farming: The Hancock Company of Canada and Its Embedding in Rural Australia; Sarah Ruth Sippel, Geoffrey Lawrence and David Burch
Chapter 2 Impacts of financialization on agricultural and rural investment: lessons from the Portuguese case; Manuel Belo Moreira
Chapter 3 The Chicken Game – organization and integration in the Norwegian agri-food sector; Hilde Bjørkhaug, Jostein Vik and Carol Richards
Chapter 4 Re-Ordering the Rural? Canada, Dairy Supply Management and the Trans Pacific Partnership Negotiations; Bruce Muirheads
Section 2: Standardization
Chapter 5 Standards and Their Problems: From Technical Specifications to World-Making; Lawrence Busch
Chapter 6 Creating Actionable Knowledge for Sustainability: A Case of 'Standards in the Making'; Allison Loconto and Marc Barbier
Chapter 7 Legitimation and De-legitimation in Non-State Governance: LEO-4000 and Sustainable Agriculture in the United States; Maki Hatanaka and Jason Konefal
Chapter 8 Farmers' Freedom in the Productive World Order: Standard Takers, Contesters and Negotiators or Dissenters?; Minna Mikkola
Section 3: Commodification and Consumption
Chapter 9 A blot on the landscape: consensus and controversies on wind farms in rural Portugal; Ana Delicado, Mónica Truninger, Elisabete Figueiredo, Luís Silva, Ana Horta
Chapter 10 Changing the olive oil's value chain: Food regime and development in Portugal; Dulce Freire
Chapter 11 Consuming Rural Connections: Tracing Leeks back to their roots; Moya Kneafsey, Laura Venn, Elizabeth Bos
Chapter 12 Consuming Animals, constructing naturalness; Mara Miele
Chapter 13 Return to the land. De-commodification of local foods in South Italy.; Annamaria Vitale and Sílvia Sivini
Chapter 14 Nutrition and the Mediterranean diet. A historical and sociological analysis of the concept of a "healthy diet" in Spanish society; Cecilia Díaz-Méndez and Cristobal Gómez-Benito
Chapter 15 School meals and the rural idyll: children's engagements with animals, plants and other nature; Monica Truninger and Ana Horta

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