Transforming Healthcare: A focus on Consumerism and Profitability Vol: 19

Jennifer L. Hefner
The Ohio State University, USA

Mona Al-Amin
Suffolk University, USA

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26 Oct 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
240 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advances in Health Care Management
Shedding light on current transformations in payment mechanisms and transparency of hospital performance data and prices, this volume of Advances in Health Care Management presents findings on hospital profitability, cost, and organizational structures. 
Divided into two sections: 'Reimbursement, Cost and Profitability' and 'The Move Towards Transparency', the chapters employ a variety of research methodologies to explore the impact of transformation in payment and debt structures, profitability, and horizontal or vertical integration on outcomes such as price, clinical outcomes, and health plan selection. The authors examine recent changes including the redesign of the U.S. health care system to achieve higher value, and the establishment of mechanisms that transform reimbursement models and promote consumerism through transparency of data. Additionally, the volume takes a look at the emerging trend of transparency between health care stakeholders such as patients, health care staff, hospitals, insurance companies, and the government, providing a valuable insight into how the future might look.
Chapter 1. Bundled Payment Programs as an Application of Case Rate Provider Reimbursement; Gregg M. Gascon, and Gregory I. Sawchyn
Chapter 2. Profitability of Rural Hospitals: An Analysis of Government Payment Policies; Michael D. Rosko
Chapter 3. Assessing the Impact of Privatization of Public Hospitals on Community Orientation: A Stakeholder Approach; Zo Ramamonjiarivelo, Larry Hearld, Josué Patien Epané, Luceta McRoy, and Robert Weech-Maldonado
Chapter 4. The Cost of Capital, Leverage and System Membership: Does System Membership Help Hospitals Achieve Optimal Leverage?; Nathan W. Carroll, Dean G. Smith, and John R.C. Wheeler
Chapter 5. When is Medical Care Price Transparency a Good Thing (and When Isn't It)?; Mark V. Pauly, and Lawton R. Burns
Chapter 6. Consumers' Exposure to Price Transparency: Compliance Testing and Sentiment Analysis of U.S. Hospitals During 2019; Kunal N. Patel, Andrew C. Rucks, and Eric W. Ford
Chapter 7. Financial Literacy and Consumer Choice of Health Insurance: Evidence from Low-Income Populations in the United States; Sebastian Bauhoff, Katherine Grace Carman, and Amelie Wupperman
Chapter 8. Does Transparency of Quality Metrics Affect Hospital Care Outcomes? A Systematic Review of the Literature; Resat Aydin, Ferhat D. Zengul, Jose B. Quintana, and Bunyamin Ozaydin
Chapter 9. Leadership and Safety Excellence: The Experience of Hospital Support Service Workers; Deirdre McCaughey, Gwen McGhan, and Amy Yarbrough Landry
Chapter 10. Outcome Warranties; Lorens A. Helmchen
Jennifer L. Hefner is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Health Management and Policy, The Ohio State University. Her research focuses on applying management and organizational theories to the study of health care transformation. 

Mona Al-Amin is an Associate Professor at the Healthcare Administration Department at Suffolk University. Her research focuses on the measurement and determinants of the performance of health care organizations.

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