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Training Exercises for Improving Sensemaking Skills Vol: 8

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15 Apr 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
256 pages - 156 x 234 x 15mm
Advances in Business Marketing and Purchasing


This book deals with the process of improving our sensemaking capabilities into how to: scan environments actively to gather data that is relevant to pressing issues; interpret usefully what we see - including recognizing and framing problems/opportunities and skills in transforming data into information; make effective decisions - including creating useful rules for deciding how to decide, and how to talk with ourselves and others to receive and offer useful information, make wise choices, and implement decisions well; and evaluate well what we have done and what has occurred. These four topics are the activities of sensemaking - an ongoing conversation with yourself and others about what is really happening and why it is occurring. Sensemaking involves placing stimuli into some kind of framework that is understandable to ourselves. Usually sensemaking is done automatically - unconsciously - without thinking actively about the usefulness or accuracy of our frames, or the process being used in our framing. However, sensemaking can be done consciously, that is, using controlled thinking instead of the usual automatic thinking processes. The contributions in this volume offer skill-building case exercises that are written to help you improve your sensemaking abilities.
Introduction (A.G. Woodside). Dynamics in business networks: cooperation and competition among competitors (M. Bengtsson, S. Kock). Organizing purchasing in a multi-plant company: a case study which design would you recommend? Centralize, decentralize, or coordinate? (W. Faes, P. Matthyssens). A better mousetrap? Techno's soft tape project (J. Fairhead). Cultural baggage and conflict: a case study in negotiation (R. Fletcher). Why do companies in business markets resist the outsourcing of market communication: a case study (P.V. Freytag). Growing pains at Electronica: developing a small high-tech company internationally (S. Harris, P.N. Ghauri). Industrial selling: Attila-Seifert-Pharma GMBH (M. Kleinaltenkamp et al.). Noise abatement in Danish working environments (O. Nielsen). Different distribution channels for a consumer good (T. Posselt). How to select the best projects in the construction industry (C. Scoubeau). Strategic choices in industrial marketing acquisition: competition or cooperation in the hand tool industry (L. Silver, T. Wedin). Technological innovation and customer orientation: a case study of Herold AG (T. Sommer-latte et al.). Business marketing sales interactions (J.T. Strong et al.). Evaluating alternative pricing strategies for market introductions of new industrial technologies: a case study of pricing a new technology for marketing to land-based industries (A.G. Woodside). Alternative purchasing strategies for competing technology standards: a management training exercise in resolving industrial buying conflicts (A.G. Woodside, E.J. Wilson).

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