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Trade Disputes and the Dispute Settlement Understanding of the WTO: An Interdisciplinary Assessment Vol: 6

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01 Feb 2009
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
596 pages - 152 x 229 x 43mm
Frontiers of Economics and Globalization


The volume is partitioned into five sub areas, addressing the process of dispute resolution and appeal under the DSU of the WTO; politics and disputes between sovereign nations; power inequities in access to the DSU; specific categories of disputes, such as in agriculture and in intellectual property; and issues pertaining to compliance, enforcement and remedies. In addition to the interdisciplinary focus, this volume showcases the thoughts of both established and emerging scholars, whilst highlighting perspectives from many different countries and regions.
List of Contributors. Introduction. Chapter 1 The WTO Dispute Settlement System 1995–2006: Some Descriptive Statistics. Chapter 2 Issues of Fairness in Dispute Settlement. Chapter 3 Licence to Adjudicate: A Critical Evaluation of the Work of the WTO Appellate Body So Far. Chapter 4 The Evolution and Utilization of the GATT/WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism. Chapter 5 Implementing the Agreement: Partisan Politics and WTO Dispute Settlement. Chapter 6 Dispute Settlement, Compliance and Domestic Politics. Chapter 7 Developing Country Use of the WTO Dispute Settlement System: Why it Matters, the Barriers Posed. Chapter 8 Why Are So Many WTO Disputes Abandoned?. Chapter 9 The Usage of the WTO Dispute Settlement System: Do Power Considerations Matter?. Chapter 10 Agricultural Trade Disputes in the WTO. Chapter 11 WTO Dispute Cases Relating to Food Safety Issues. Chapter 12 Trade Dispute Diversion: The Economics of Conflicting Dispute Settlement Procedures between Regional Trade Agreements and the WTO. Chapter 13 The ADA and the DSU of the WTO. Chapter 14 Trade Agreements and Dispute Settlement in the WTO System. Chapter 15 WTO DSU-Enforcement Issues. Chapter 16 Retaliatory Trade Measures in the WTO Dispute Settlement Understanding: Are There Really Alternatives?. Chapter 17 Enforcing WTO Compliance through Public Opinion and Direct Effect: Two New Proposals to Enhance the Compliance Perspectives for Least Developed WTO Members. Chapter 18 Unintentional Breach in the DSU of the WTO: Consultation in the Shadow of Remedies. Frontiers of economics and globalization. Trade Disputes and the Dispute Settlement Understanding of the WTO: An Interdisciplinary Assessment. Copyright page. PART I: A Critical Discussion of the Process of Dispute Resolution and Appeal at the WTO. Part II: Politics and Trade Disputes. Part III: Power and Inequities in Access to the DSU. Part IV: Specific Issues in Dispute Settlement. Part V: Compliance, Enforcement, and Remedies. Subject Index.

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