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Tourism and the Implications of Climate Change: Issues and Actions Vol: 3

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03 Dec 2010
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
384 pages - 156 x 234 x 36mm
Bridging Tourism Theory and Practice


This volume provides a valuable platform for knowledge exchange between different disciplines and for learning from both theory and practice in the context of tourism and climate change. The academic and case-study chapters in this volume provide a contextualization of tourism and climate change science, an examination of issues and actions in different countries and with different tourism consumers, and looks at the supply, adaptation and innovation of tourism products. Subjects examined are as diverse as: the European hotel sector; the North American cruise tourism industry; New Zealand youth hostels and campervans; Australia's tourism industry's GHG footprint; climate forecasts in the Baltic States; heat stress conditions in Spain; the Tourism Earth Lung initiative in Sri Lanka; and online discussions in cybercommunities. The different disciplinary perspectives presented in this volume include anthropology, climatology, climate change studies, economics, environmental sustainability, hospitality, policy and planning, psychology, scenario planning, and transport studies and contributions originate from eight developed countries across three continents.
Acknowledgments. Dedication. Chapter 1 Tourism and Climate Change. Chapter 2 A review of the current science of climate change. Chapter 3 Climate change and tourism. Chapter 4 Tourism transport, technology, and carbon dioxide emissions. Chapter 5 The hospitality sector. Chapter 6 The cruise sector and its environmental impact. Chapter 7 Case Study: Environmental sustainability in New Zealand's Budget Accommodation Sector. Chapter 8 Case Study:. Chapter 9 Case Study:. Chapter 10 Tourism and climate change. Chapter 11 Australia's tourism carbon footprint. Chapter 12 Tourists' cyber tales, climate change, and new media. Chapter 13 Case Study:. Chapter 14 Climate change and adaptation at regional and local scale. Chapter 15 Climate change and tourism in the eastern Baltic Sea region. Chapter 16 Logan's run. Chapter 17 Case Study:Moving to carbon clean destinations. Chapter 18 Epilogue. References. About the Authors. Bridging Tourism Theory and Practice. Bridging Tourism Theory and Practice. Copyright page.

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