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Emerald: Title Detail: Tourism Social Media by Ana Maria Munar

Tourism Social Media: Transformations in Identity, Community and Culture Vol: 18

Product Details
18 Jul 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
250 pages - 156 x 234 x 23mm
Tourism Social Science Series


This volume addresses the transformative power of tourism social media and offers novel theoretical and methodological approaches to its academic investigation. Acknowledging the collective value creation mechanisms of new media, the authors explore how technology nurtures, augments and modifies social or commercial interactions in tourism. The book emphasizes the role of fantasy and imagination in fluid tourism experiences and critically scrutinizes contested concepts pertaining to human interaction in cyberspace, such as equality, anonymity, transparency, democratization, and publicity culture. The chapters summon insights from Media Studies, Actor-Network Theory, Communicative Action and Symbolic Convergence among others, and offer a palette of emerging methods suitable for academic enquiries of virtual worlds. The theoretical grounding, empirical evidences, and interdisciplinary analysis of the anthology expand the actual research agenda and shed light on conceptual tensions and ambiguities in the present literature. As such, Tourism Social Media: Transformations in Identity, Community and Culture contributes to increasing research reflexivity in tourism studies at large.
Subject Index. Copyright page. Tourism Social Media: A New Research Agenda. Tourism Social Media as a Fire Object. Paradoxical Digital Worlds. Symbolic Convergence and Tourism Social Media. Social Media Sites in Destination Image Formation. Sustainability and Tourism Social Media. Inspiring Design: Social Media from the Beach. The Virtual Fan(G) Community: Social Media and Pop Culture Tourism. Digital Social Construction of a Tourist Site: Ground Zero. Tourism Social Media and Crisis Communication: An Erupting Trend. Web 2.0 Innovations in Events: Human Resource Management Issues. Identity and Social Media in an Art Festival. Tourism and Media Studies 3. Critical Digital Tourism Studies. References. About the Authors. Tourism Social Media: Transformations in Identity, Community and Culture. Tourism Social Science Series. Tourism Social Media: Transformations in Identity, Community and Culture.
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