Tourism Planning and Destination Marketing

Mark Anthony Camilleri
University of Malta, Malta

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01 Nov 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
296 pages - 152 x 229mm
Destination marketing relies on planning, organisation, and successful strategies and tactics. Tourism Planning and Destination Marketing provides an in-depth understanding of the tourism marketing environment, including destination branding, distribution channels, etourism, digital media, and sustainable and responsible tourism practices. It is a useful guide for tourism marketers, including destination management organisations (DMOs), who are increasingly using innovative tools and evolving technologies to engage with prospective visitors. Moreover, this title sheds light on the latest developments in travel, hospitality, festivals and events, as the contributing authors have critically analysed the global tourism marketing environments that comprise a wide array of economic, socio-cultural, technological and environmental realities.
This book explores advances in tourism planning and destination marketing theory for the interest of both researchers and scholars. Furthermore, it is an invaluable resource for a wide range of industry practitioners, including consultants, senior executives and managers who work for destination management organisations, tourism offices, hotels, inbound/outbound tour operators and travel agents.
Chapter 1. The Planning and Development of the Tourism Product; Mark Anthony Camilleri
Chapter 2. The Creation and Delivery of Experiential Value in Tourism and Hospitality; Martina Gallarza and Nerea De Diego Velasco
Chapter 3. Plog's Model of Personality-Based Psychographic Traits in Tourism: A Review of Empirical Research; Oliver Cruz-Milan
Chapter 4. Coopetition for Destination Marketing: The Scope of Forging Relationships with Competitors; Rauno Rusko
Chapter 5. The Residents' Attitudes Toward Incoming Tourism in Punta del Este, Uruguay; José Ramón Cardona, Daniel Álvarez Bassi and María Dolores Sánchez-Fernández
Chapter 6. Marketing Sustainable Tourism: Principles and Practice; Danielle Eiseman
Chapter 7. Enriching Cultural Experiences from Rural Tourism: Case Studies from Japan; Soniya Billore
Chapter 8. The Internet-Based Marketing of Ecotourism: Are Ecotourists Really Getting What They Want?; Marta Massi and Alessandro De Nisco
Chapter 9. The 'Phygital' Tourist Experiences: The Use of Augmented and Virtual Reality in Destination Marketing; Larissa Neuburger, Julia Beck and Roman Egger
Chapter 10. Organising Festivals, Events and Activities for Destination Marketing; Antonio Botti, Antonella Monda, and Massimiliano Vesci
Chapter 11. The Strategic Management of Events for Destination Marketing; Antonella Capriello
Chapter 12. The Use of Smart Tourism Systems to improve the destination's appeal. A Case Study from Caserta in Italy; Clara Bassano, Maria Cristina Pietronudo and Paolo Piciocchi
Mark Anthony Camilleri is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Corporate Communication at the University of Malta. His research interests include tourism marketing, stakeholder engagement and strategic corporate social responsibility. He has taught business subjects at undergraduate, vocational and post-graduate levels in Hong Kong, Malta, the UAE and the UK. He is also an editorial board member for a number of academic journals and scientific committees, and his contributions have been published in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters and conference proceedings.

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