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Tourism Community Relationships Vol: 4

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08 Jan 1997
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
272 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Tourism Social Science Series


The study of tourism is, arguably, ready for a thorough theoretical yet empirical analysis of the relationship between tourism and host communities. Pearce, Moscardo and Ross deal with the impacts tourism is having on communities internationally, going beyond a mere review of such impacts to investigate the origins, development and manifestations of community attitudes. A theoretical perspective is developed on how communities come to understand tourism and react to it. In terms of its disciplinary approaches the book combines social-psychological, sociological, economic and media analyses and can properly be termed a study within the new specialism of tourism. A number of yet-to-be-published studies of tourism and communities are reported on, and some large scale existing works on tourism and community reaction are reviewed and revisited.
Acknowledgements. Why do we need to understand and manage the tourism--community relationship? What are social representations? Social representations and the tourism--community relationship. Social representations in action: international examples. Social representations in action: Australian examples. Community participation in tourism planning. The future of the tourism--community relationship. References. Appendices.

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