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Through the Eyes of the Child: Revisioning Children as Active Agents of Family Life Vol: 1

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03 Feb 2000
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
388 pages - 156 x 234 x 22mm
Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research


Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research (CPFR) provides a forum for the very latest in family research; examining family structures, behaviours, and relationships from a variety of theoretical, methodological, and disciplinary viewpoints.  
Published annually, each volume focuses upon a ‘hot topic’ at the leading edge of family research, providing in-depth coverage from expert authors. Previous volumes have covered issues such as economic stress, family relations in the 21st Century, and parent-child relations in later life. Each annual volume recognizes the mainstream of family research topics and provides detailed investigations within those topics. In addition, each annual volume honours the internationalization of family research, and provides perspectives on each topic from a truly cross-cultural point of view.
Preface (F.M. Berardo). Introduction. No longer a place for innocence: the re-submergence of childhood in post-industrial societies (C.L. Shehan). Reconceptualizing the Child as Social Actor. Psychology's child meets sociology's child: agency, influence and power in parent-child relationships (L. Kuczynski et al.). Facing the child: rethinking models of agency in parent-child relations (S.J. Knapp). Seeing, hearing, asking: cultural agency and the questioning child (D. Liu). Reconsidering the role of children in family research: conceptual and methodological issues (D.M. Hogan et al.). Active agency and the classroom: studying children's stories in a first grade writing workshop (S.G. Butler). A call from a child: help seeking behavior among early twentieth century American youth (R. LaRossa). Location, leisure, and lifestyle: young people's retreat to home environments (L. Hasluck, K. Malone). The Child-Parent Matrix. Children, Parents, and Time: the dialectics of control (K. Thorpe, K. Daly). In the eye of the beholder: parents' and teachers' ratings of children's behavioral style (K.L. Alexander et al.). Children's appraisals of domestic violence: developmental implications (J. Smith et al.). Children's perceptions of their dual-working mothers and fathers (P. Liossis, P. Noller). The media power of children: case studies of child-family interactions (M. Orleans, A.T. Overton). The Sibling Connection: Peer Relationships in Families. Daily stressors and coping responses of siblings of children with special needs (S.F. Olsen et al.). Insider, participant observer, and outside perspectives on adolescent sibling relationships (J.N. Melby et al.). Children's perceptions of parental responses to sibling quarrels and characteristics of sibling relationships (R.A. Ozretich, A.I. Sugawara).

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