Theory and Method in Higher Education Research Vol: 3

Jeroen Huisman
Ghent University, Belgium

Malcolm Tight
Lancaster University, UK

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01 Sep 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
288 pages - 152 x 229mm
Theory and Method in Higher Education Research


Theory and Method in Higher Education Research provides a forum specifically for higher education researchers to discuss issues of theory and method. This latest collection includes discussion of a variety of theories, including; complex systems theory, organisational identity, curriculum theory, knowledge management framework, evaluation-based decision-making, and the market-university. It also includes a number of chapters focused on methods, including mixed methods and virtual ethnography, as well as a chapter situated between theory and method on the network paradigm. 

This latest volume presents a truly international approach with contributions from Argentina, Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Norway, Portugal, the U.K. and the U.S. to provide an important contribution to international debates regarding the application and development of theory and methodology in researching higher education that will be relevant to researchers globally.
1, The Guiding Role of Theory in Mixed-Methods Research: Combining Individual and Institutional Perspectives on the Transition to Higher Education 
2, Higher Education Research: looking beyond New Public Management  
3, An Analytical Framework for Evaluation-Based Decision-Making Procedures in Universities 
4, The Study of the Academic Profession: contributions from and to the Sociology of Professions 
5, A Developmental Perspective on Organizing for Social Responsibility: A Framework of Wise Action for Higher Education Organizations 
6, Organizational Identity of Universities: A Review of the Literature from 1972 to 2014  
7, The University as an Adaptive Resilient Organization: A complex systems perspective 
8, The Role of Curriculum Theory in Contemporary Higher Education Research and Practice  
9, A Knowledge Management Framework for Institutional Research 
10, The Differentiated Market-University: Structural differences among university’s commodification processes 
11, Virtual Ethnography: The Logistical and Ethical Challenges of Bringing Higher Education Research Online  
12, The Network Paradigm in Higher Education 
13, Disability and College Students: A Critical Examination of a Multivalent Identity  
14, Informal Learning in the Workplace: approaches to learning and perceptions of the context
Jeroen Huisman is Professor of Higher Education at Centre for Higher Education Governance Ghent (CHEGG), Department of Sociology, Ghent University. He is also a member and past chair of the Executive Committee of the European Higher Education Society (EAIR), a European society for linking policy, research and practice in higher education. 

Malcolm Tight is Professor at Lancaster University’s Centre for Higher Education Research and Evaluation. He has a broad range of research interests in the fields of higher and post-compulsory education. He has previously worked at the University of Warwick, the Open University and Birkbeck College London, and is Editor of the leading international journal Studies in Higher Education, and of the book series International Perspectives on Higher Education Research.

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