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The World Meets Asian Tourists Vol: 7

Jafar Jafari
University of Wisconsin-Stout, USA

Liping A. Cai
Purdue University, USA

Philip L. Pearce
James Cook University, Australia

Mao-Ying Wu
Zhejiang University, China

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14 Dec 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
424 pages - 152 x 229 x 20mm
Bridging Tourism Theory and Practice
The movement of Asian citizens across continents now occurs on an unprecedented scale, with a surge in Asian tourists now visiting Europe, North America, Africa and Oceania. Tourists from China, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Malaysia, and to a lesser extent Korea and Japan are meeting the citizens of cultures they had previously only been able to read about or view from afar. This book seeks to understand the experiences of, and reactions to, Asian tourists travelling out of Asia.Questions about Asian tourist contact with unfamiliar countries and cultures will be addressed. What are the interests of Asian tourists and what drives these interests? What impacts are they having on host communities, both in terms of the provision and co-creation of desired experiences and in the human dimensions of social contact? The volume addresses fresh implications for marketing, planning and policy which these tourist markets pose for good governance. This book confronts the limitations of our understanding of how to manage the tourist experience when that understanding has been built almost entirely on the behaviours and travels of western tourists.
Preface 1. Introduction: Meeting Asian Tourists - Philip L. Pearce and Mao-Ying Wu 2. Laws and Regulations Shaping Outbound Tourism: The Case of China - Songshan (Sam) Huang 3. Making Sense of Seasons - Tingzhen Chen 4. Media Representations of Chinese Outbound Tourists' Behavior - Mao-Ying Wu 5. Learning by and Learning from Outbound Chinese Group Tourists - Huan Lu and Philip L. Pearce 6. Managing Asian Tourists on Long-Haul Flights - Andrea Grout 7. Thai Tourists on Tour: The Practice of Designing Successful Tours - Vorawan Kanlayanasukho and Philip L. Pearce 8. Enclave Resorts in Mauritius: Modifying Services for Chinese Tourists - Perunjodi Naidoo and Prabha Ramseook-Munhurrun 9. Italian Cathedrals and Chinese Tourists: Management Implications - Mao-Ying Wu and Philip L. Pearce 10. Australia's Food Tourism Experiences and the Korean Market - Aise KyoungJin Kim 11. Theme Parks Greet Chinese Tourists - Janice Scarinci and Gene Jeffers 12. Cross Cultural Aspects of International Guidebooks: Asian Tourists in South Central Europe - Miha Koderman and Anton Gosar 13. Communist Connections? Chinese Tourists in Croatia - Nevenka CÏavlek 14. Interpreting Australian Landscapes for Chinese Tourists - Karen Hughes 15. Talking About New Chinese Tourists: Managers' Perspectives - Amy M. Osmond 16. Imagination, Anime and Japanese Tourists Abroad - Chiemi Yagi and Philip L. Pearce 17. Young Chinese Tourists: Travel Patterns and Future Plans - Kim Ieng Loi 18. Singapore: International Students' Stepping Stone to the World - Jenny H. Panchal 19. Conclusion: Theoretical and Managerial Considerations - Philip L. Pearce and Mao-Ying Wu
Philip L. Pearce, James Cook University, Australia Mao-Ying Wu, Zhejiang University, China

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