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The Value of Design in Retail and Branding

Katelijn Quartier
Hasselt University, Belgium

Ann Petermans
Hasselt University, Belgium

T. C. Melewar
Middlesex University, UK

Charles Dennis
Middlesex University, UK

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10 Jun 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
296 pages - 152 x 229mm
Scholarly studies of value creation for consumer experience constitute a very fragmented field, spanning the disciplines of design, branding and marketing. The Value of Design in Retail and Branding creates a much-needed bridge between different disciplines involved in retail design, bringing together a range of research and insights for practice in these disciplines, improving the impact of design.

Here Katelijn Quartier, Ann Petermans, TC Melewar and Charles Dennis bring together a team of field-leading, practice-based experts in order to offer an interdisciplinary, practice-oriented inquiry into how design plays a key role in defining a successful retail environment and experience. In four sections organised around the concepts of design, experience, context, and interdisciplinarity, contributors highlight how to achieve impactful branding and retail-experience design through a focus on such issues as local relevance and storytelling. As each chapter concludes by explaining how its findings can feed into practice, this book begins filling the gap between academic journals and visual case studies, ultimately providing fertile ground for further debate around best practice.

For its interdisciplinary approach, its scholarly rigour, and its clearly articulated implications for practice, The Value of Design in Retail and Branding is of interest to scholars of design, branding and marketing as well as to practitioners within these fields.
Introduction; A.Petermans and K.Quartier 
The value of  DESIGN 
Chapter 1. Conceptualizing customer value in physical retail: A marketing perspective; Leroi-Werelds, S. 
Chapter 2. Appreciating and judging the design of independent retailers’ blended concepts; Madsen, S. and Petermans, A. 
Chapter 3. The Added Value of designing by crossmodal correspondences; Adams, C. and Vanrie, J. 
Chapter 4. Fashion & Lifestyle Brands: Story-telling within purpose-led brands in order to contribute to growth; Marciniak, R. and Charles, E. 
The value of  EXPERIENCE 
Chapter 5. The influence of economic theories on the value of retail design, a designers’ perspective; Wet, M. and Prinsloo, I. 
Chapter 6. The added value of retail design for a new age of consumerism; Khaneja, S. 
Chapter 7. The triangular designer-space. Methodical approach to balance brand typicality and novelty; Mulder-Nijkamp, M., Wouter, E., de Kok, E. and ten Klooster, R. 
Chapter 8. The Importance of Warmth in Brand Design; Kim, S., Moore, S. & Murray, K.B.  
The value of  CONTEXT 
Chapter 9. Virtually the same: understanding the consumer experience in an omnichannel environment; Reid, L., Marvell, A., Parker, D. and Ward, P. 
Chapter 10. Retail design as a communication strategy: exploring customer experience via eye tracking; Janssens, K., Beckers, C. and Quartier, K. 
Chapter 11. Exploring in-store shopping experiences and resultant purchasing influence: an autoethnographic approach; Lloyd-Parkes, E. and Deacon, J. 
Chapter 12. Designing valuable Experiential Retail Environments: a review of the design process; Servais, E., Vanrie, J. and Quartier, K. 
Chapter 13. The interlink between sensorial and meaning properties of a retail design and brand assets: a comparison of three grocery store designs; Adams, C. and Quartier, K. 
Chapter 14. Local collaboration in retail design: a strategy for localising global brands; Khan, Z. 
Chapter 15. Evidencing value creation in “Value Co-Creation”: A case study of Singapore’s second largest banking group co-designing with the Millenials; Yam, M.-Y. and Lee, A. 
Chapter 16. Environmental simulation techniques in retailing: a review from a store atmospheric and customer experience perspective; Petermans, A., Doucé, L. and Willems, K. 
Conclusion; K.Quartier and A.Petermans
Katelijn Quartier is Assistant Professor of Retail Design at Hasselt University, where she is academic director of the Retail Design Lab Knowledge Center.

Ann Petermans is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Arts at Hasselt University, where she works on designing for experience in designed environments, for diverse user groups and subjective well-being.

T C Melewar is Professor of Marketing and Strategy at Middlesex University, London.

Charles Dennis is a Professor of Consumer Behaviour in the Department of Branding & Tourism at Middlesex University, London.

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