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The Transition to Sustainable Living and Practice Vol: 4

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21 Dec 2009
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
209 pages - 152 x 229 x 23mm
Advances in Ecopolitics
"The Transition to Sustainable Living and Practice" provides a series of insights into real alternatives to the current economic malaise, with an examination of key themes such as transition towns, traditional villages, new green financial concepts, the sustainable utopia, co-operative farming, sustainability and activism, ecofeminism, green protectionism, intentional communities and a green philosophy of money.
List of Contributors. List of Reviewers. Chapter 1 The transition to sustainability: Transition towns and sustainable communities. Chapter 2 Traditional living practices: Return to the villages. Chapter 3 Sustainable Economics: A New Financial Architecture Based on a Global Carbon Standard. Chapter 4 Utopian sustainability: Ecological utopianism. Chapter 5 Environmental exploitation: an analysis and taxonomy. Chapter 6 Ecological activism: Sustainable living, activism and identity. Chapter 7 Ecofeminism: Ecofeminism and the green public sphere. Chapter 8 Sustainable planning: A green protectionism. Chapter 9 Sustainability and the intentional community: Green intentional communities. Chapter 10 A green philosophy of money. The Transition to Sustainable Living and Practice. Copyright page.

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