The Ten Commandments of Lean Six Sigma: A Guide for Practitioners

Jiju Antony
Heriot Watt University, Scotland

Vijaya Sunder M
The World Bank Group, India

Chad Laux
Purdue University, USA

Elizabeth Cudney
Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA

Product Details
29 Nov 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
160 pages - 138 x 216mm
Lean Six Sigma is a powerful methodology that reduces waste and variation in an organization and ultimately minimizes operating costs, optimizes productivity, and maximizes customer satisfaction. The success stories speak for themselves, but not all LSS stories have a happy ending, and a large body of scholarly research shows why. What is needed now is a set of accessible general guidelines for organizations seeking to implement and sustain such a powerful, but at times perilous, continuous improvement strategy. 

The Ten Commandments of Lean Six Sigma provides just that, offering guidance from the perspective of practitioners, researchers and academics who have been involved in training, teaching, researching and consulting on various topics of quality and continuous improvement such as Lean, Six Sigma and LSS. Delving into the cutting edge of business process enhancement, this book is an essential and practical guide for senior managers and executives who want to achieve operational and service excellence in manufacturing, service and public sector organizations of any size.
Chapter 1. Introduction to Lean Six Sigma and Ten Commandments 
Chapter 2. Alignment of Lean Six Sigma with Organizational Strategy 
Chapter 3. Lean Six Sigma Project Selection and Prioritization 
Chapter 4. Selecting Top Talent for Execution of Projects 
Chapter 5. Leadership for Lean Six Sigma Deployment  
Chapter 6. Effective Training and Design of Curriculum for Different LSS Roles 
Chapter 7. Development of Rewards and Recognition for LSS 
Chapter 8. Lean Six Sigma Sustainability 
Chapter 9. Linking Lean Six Sigma with Innovation and Organisational Learning 
Chapter 10. Linking Lean Six Sigma with Green and Environmental Sustainability (Vijaya Sunder M) 
Chapter 11. Beyond LSS: Emerging Themes of Lean Six Sigma
Professor Jiju Antony is a Professor of Quality Management in the School of Social Sciences at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland. He is a recognised worldwide as a leader in Lean Six Sigma methodology for achieving and sustaining process excellence. 
Vijaya Sunder M is Head of Business Process Excellence at the World Bank Group. Prior to his association with the World Bank, he has worked with Barclays Bank, American Express and Citi Group. 
Dr Chad Laux is Associate Professor of Computer & Information Technology at Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA. He has developed a concentrated area in Lean Six Sigma where he teaches Lean Six Sigma Systems at the Undergraduate and Graduate levels in Computer & Information Technology. 
Dr Elizabeth Cudney is an Associate Professor of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering at Missouri S&T, USA. Her main areas of interest are in quality engineering, pattern recognition, and healthcare systems engineering.
‘I am delighted to finally see a well-structured Lean Six Sigma book that focuses on the behavioural and cultural necessities for successful Lean Six Sigma programs rather than on the use of tools and techniques. The authors have drawn upon their vast experiences working with Operational Excellence programs across diverse industries to bring us the absolute must-have components for success.’ - John Dennis, Chairman, International Lean Six Sigma Institute, UK

‘I would recommend this book as it captures the essence of results-based references to the tools and concepts required in a structured way to achieve the process of implementing the leverage of Lean Six Sigma to maximise efficiencies and maintain the managerial process. Every business needs to revisit and discover how to propel your organisation to new levels of competitive success this book will support and guide you.’ - Michael Mitchell, Managing Director, Bespoke Clinical Care Ltd, UK

‘The Ten Commandments of Lean Six Sigma brings together the leading authors of our time and presents a unique guide for any leadership team as they embark on their LSS journey. The final chapter on the future of LSS is a must read for established LSS practitioners.’ - Stephen G Anthony, Master Black Belt and CEO of the Institute of Six Sigma Professionals, Wales, UK

‘In today's competitive world, any firm needs to be conscious of quality, cost and timely delivery. To achieve this, the book The Ten Commandments of Lean Six Sigma will be a very useful guide for practitioners. The book addresses all that is required by the practitioners to implement LSS in their respective organizations. This book aims to transfer the knowledge that is available with the academic world for its practical application in the competitive business world.’ - S Navaneetha Krishnan, Senior Deputy General Manager at Warship Design Centre, Larsen & Toubro and Commander (Retd), Indian Navy

‘The authors’ experience with training in both academic and industrial settings are evident, as the methods prescribed for preparing individuals for LSS execution are applicable to both scenarios and will likewise prepare the reader for either. They understand that it is not enough to be technically proficient, in order to be a successful LSS practitioner, and they offer solid advice in the critically-required soft skills, as well. This book will help any organization preparing to embark upon the continuous improvement journey.’ - David W. Hoffa, PhD, ASQ CSSBB, External Process Engineering Manager, Johnson & Johnson

‘This book is definitely a new piece of art in Lean Six Sigma literature! The authors present an exceptional combination of rigorous literature review and solid pragmatic recommendations addressing critical topics in Lean Six Sigma from top to bottom. Content is brilliantly presented on an understandable language and the sequencing of commandments flows smoothly and logically in a way that you just can´t stop reading.’ - Marcelo Machado Fernandes, PhD, ASQ Certified Master Black Belt, Lean Six Sigma Consultant at FCV and SETA, Consultant at Minitab LLC, Founder of MF Treinamentos (MF Operational Excellence), Brazil

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