The Sustainable Nation: Politics, Economy and Justice Vol: 21

Liam Leonard
California State University, USA

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10 Nov 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
160 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advances in Sustainability and Environmental Justice
Drawing on almost 20 years of Liam Leonard’s research in the field, The Sustainable Nation: Politics, Economy and Justice provides a detailed case study of a modern European state’s tumultuous development through first decades of the Millennium. As the Republic of Ireland experienced an initial phase of accelerated growth, followed by a dramatic economic downturn, the nation’s attempts to expand its infrastructure was met with resistance from communities concerned about local environments. The Sustainable Nation: Politics, Economy and Justice looks at some of the conflicts that emerged as part of the Irish people’s attempts to achieve a sustainable form of development. Other issues such as the rise of a multicultural and globalized society as well as issues of social justice are also explored within this study. This book represents a culmination of Leonard's research on Ireland which began at the turn of the Millennium. The book provides an in depth and up to date study on Ireland's growth and the substantial changes experienced there during the last two decades.
1. Economy and Resistance 
2. Conservation 
3. Water 
4. Resources 
5. Energy 
6. Crime 
7. Multiculturalism 
8. Restorative Justice 
9. Prisons
Dr Liam Leonard, California State University, Los Angeles, USA is a former President of the Sociology Association of Ireland. The author/editor of over 20 books and numerous journal articles, he is Senior Editor of the Ecopolitics Books Series, the Advances in Sustainability and Environmental Justice Book Series and Founding Editor of CRIMSOC Journal of Social Criminology. Dr Leonard was awarded the Sage Publishing Research Excellence Award in New York as well as the Irish NAIRTL Research & Teaching Award in 2012, and has 17 years’ experience as an academic and lecturer in the United States and Ireland.

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