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The Sustainability of Health Care Systems in Europe Vol: 295

Badi H. Baltagi
Syracuse University, USA

Francesco Moscone
Brunel University, UK

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22 Mar 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
324 pages - 152 x 229mm
Contributions to Economic Analysis
This volume contains an Open Access Chapter

The Sustainability of Health Care Systems in Europe provides a comprehensive understanding of the sustainability of health systems in Europe. Furthermore, it includes an introduction to how EU action in supporting health- care policies in the EU Member States, looking both at implemented actions and describing current priorities for the future.

There has been a rapid evolution of the structure of society and the economy over the last few decades which has created new demands for healthcare services. This has placed pressure on policy makers to ensure the sustainability of the health care sector.

Policy makers understand the efficiency of the healthcare delivery system needs to be improved, the shortage of health professionals must be tackled, and that there are growing health inequalities and inequity in access to healthcare. These challenges are exacerbated by recent economic shocks including the 2008 recession, the uncertainty related to Brexit, and the crisis induced by the COVID-19 pandemic, which have impacted the ability of European health systems to finance the health care sector.

This book is a must read for researchers and students of health economics and health policy.
Chapter 1. Positive Externalities of EU actions on Sustainability of Health systems; Sophie Guthmuller, Paolo Paruolo, Stefano Verzillo  OA CHAPTER
Chapter 2. Disease prevalence across Europe: new evidence from SHARE; Elena Bassoli, Agar Brugiavini, Giacomo Pasini
Chapter 3. Policies and new reforms to address the sustainability of the National Health Service and Adult Social Care in England; Stuart Redding, Richard Hobbs, Catia Nicodemo, Luigi Siciliani, Raphael Wittenberg
Chapter 4.The Sustainability of Ireland’s Health Care System; John Cullinan, Sheelah Connolly, Richard Whyte
Chapter 5. The Economic Sustainability of Norwegian Healthcare System; Eline Aas, Tor Iversen, Oddvar Kaaboe
Chapter 6. Suistanable Health Care and Health Care Reforms in Denmark 2000-2020; Søren Rud Kristensen,Kim Rose Olsen
Chapter 7. Sustainability of the Polish health care system; Christoph Sowada, Iwona Kowalska-Bobko
Chapter 8. The Czech Health Care System; Paola Bertoli, Lucie Bryndova, Jana Votapkova
Chapter 9. The Austrian healthcare system: Changes and challenges; Alexander Ahammer, Rene Wiesinger, Katrin Zocher 
Chapter 10. Sustainability in the French Health System; Rosalind Bell-Aldeghi, Florence Jusot, Sandy Tubeuf
Chapter 11. The Spanish Healthcare System; López-Casasnovas, Pifarré-Arolas 
Chapter 12. The financial sustainability of the Portuguese Health System; Eduardo Costa, Rita Santos, Pedro Pita Barros 
Chapter 13. Managing health shocks: An Analysis of the Italian Government Approach with the Covid-19; Nicolò Cavalli, Francesco Moscone, Catia Nicodemo
Badi H. Baltagi is a distinguished Professor of Economics, and Senior Research Associate at the Center for Policy Research, The Maxwell School, Syracuse University, USA. 

Francesco Moscone is a Professor at Brunel University London and Cà Foscari University of Venice, Italy. He is visiting Professor at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart Rome, Italy.

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