The Suffering Body in Sport: Shifting Thresholds of Pain, Risk and Injury Vol: 12

Kevin Young
University of Calgary, Canada

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24 Jul 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
216 pages - 152 x 229mm
Research in the Sociology of Sport
Public awareness of and sensitivity to questions of pain, risk and injury in sport is more acute than ever before. Whether it is questions of what sport (and fans) can realistically and responsibly expect of athletes, how revered practices almost inevitably culminate in suffering bodies, or the widespread attention being paid to injury outcomes (especially concussion), it is clear that sport in many settings currently operates in a climate that is both more scientifically and medically aware and more sensitive to risk 'outcomes'. 

This volume closely explores the full panorama of pain, risk and injury in the cultural, organizational and legal orbits of sport spaces. Aimed at students, researchers as well as applied professionals, the volume sets the cultural, structural and organizational context that gives rise to pain, risk and injury in the first place, provides substantive empirical examples from diverse sports arenas, looks at the key issues and dimensions of pain, risk and injury in the social consciousness today, and explores three different 'spins' on making sense of the subject matter -- from the position of the issue of consent and the courts, from the position of exploitation and corporate victimization, and from the understudied position of why athletes exit sport as an outcome of pain and injury and with what consequences. 

This timely and needed addition to the sport literature is an exciting 'on-the-bubble' treatment of a topic that is increasingly troubling authorities and affecting how and whether sport is undertaken.
Introduction; Kevin Young 
Chapter 1. Sport and Risk Culture; Michael Atkinson 
Chapter 2. The Rationalisation of Healthcare in Modern Sport: from Policy to Practice; Andrea Scott-Bell
Chapter 3. Risk in Lifestyle Sports: The Case of Parkour; Jeffrey Kidder  
Chapter 4. An Enduring Event: 20 Years of one Athlete's Negotiation with Pain at the Ironman Triathlon World Championships; Scott Tinley 
Chapter 5. Injury, Pain and Risk in the Paralympic Movement; Andrea Bundon  
Chapter 6. Sports-Related Brain Injury: Concussion and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy; Katie Liston And Dominic Malcolm
Chapter 7. Going Public with Pain: Athlete Stories of Disordered Eating in Discourse; Kerry Mcgannon
Chapter 8. Suffering in Sport; Kristina Smith 
Chapter 9. Complexities in Canadian Legal Approaches to Sports Injury; Martine Dennie and Kevin Young  
Chapter 10. Regulating the Harmful, Injurious and Risky Business of Professional Wrestling; Karen Corteen  
Chapter 11. When the Athletic Body Fades: Sporting Exit and Identity Transitions; Sarah Gairdner
Kevin Young is Professor of Sociology at the University of Calgary in Canada. His research and teaching interests bridge Criminology and Sociology of Sport. He has published widely on matters relating to violence, gender, body and health, and the use of animals in sport. An internationally recognized expert on sport, Kevin is former Vice President of the International Sociology of Sport Association, and has served on the editorial boards of the major journals in the field. He is also an award-winning teacher, and a regular graduate student supervisor.

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