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The Social Science of Hayek's The Sensory Order Vol: 13

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04 Mar 2010
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
430 pages - 156 x 234 x 36mm
Advances in Austrian Economics


"The Social Science of Hayek's 'The Sensory Order'" systematically examines the relevance and significance of Hayek's cognitive psychology for economics and social science, and is the only publication of its kind to do so. Sixteen original papers are divided into four parts in this volume: Hayek's Cognitive Psychology, Evolution, and Social Theory; Hayek's Cognitive Psychology and Economics; Hayek's Cognitive Psychology, Institutions, and Broader Social theory; and The Place of The Sensory Order in Hayek's Oeuvre: A Mini-Symposium. Papers examine Hayek's cognitive psychology from the perspective of evolutionary theory, economics, market and social institutions, and broader social theory. Part of "The Advances in Austrian Economics Series", this book will appeal to people working in a variety of traditions in economics and related disciplines. Although Austrian school economists are the primary audience, those working in public choice, new institutionalism, complexity theory, cognitive or behavior economics, entrepreneurship, and other areas will find great value in the series. This volume is edited by William Butos, Professor of Economics, Trinity College, Hartford and Visiting Research Fellow, New York University, Austrian Economics Program.
List of Contributors. The unexpected fertility of Hayek's cognitive theory: An introduction to The social science of Hayek's “The sensory order”. Science and The Sensory Order. Reflecting upon knowledge: Hayek's psychology and social science. : operational epistemology as an evolutionary adaptationThe sensory order. Hayek: Cognitive scientist Avant la Lettre. Hayek and the evolutionary tradition against the Homo oeconomicus. and the neurophysiological basics of methodological individualismThe Sensory Order. , The economic imagination and the tacit dimensionThe Sensory Order. Hayek on Prices and Knowledge: Supplementing “The Use of Knowledge in Society” with The Sensory Order. and organizational learningThe sensory order. Instincts and institutions: the rise of the market. An institutional solution for a cognitive problem: Hayek's sensory order as foundation for Hayek's institutional order. The role of dispositions in Hayek's cognitive theory. Making Sense out of The Sensory Order. I am not a “Neuro-Hayekian,” I'm a subjectivist. Confessions of a neuro-Hayekian. From Neuro-Hayekians to subjectivist Hayekians: A reply to Horwitz and Koppl. Advances in Austrian economics. The Social Science of Hayek’s ‘The Sensory Order’. Copyright page.

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