The Savvy Investor's Guide to Avoiding Pitfalls, Frauds, and Scams

H. Kent Baker
Kogod School of Business, American University, USA

John R. Nofsinger
University of Alaska Anchorage, USA

Vesa Puttonen
Aalto University, Finland

Product Details
21 Jan 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
208 pages - 129 x 198mm
The Savvy Investor's Guide
Are you an investor facing an obstacle you don’t know how to overcome? 

Are you ready to invest, but not sure how to reduce your risks? 

There are two important things you must do to be a savvy investor: make good investment decisions and avoid costly mistakes. As important as good investments are, one bad mistake can ruin the result of all your good decisions. In the second book in The H. Kent Baker Investments Series, investing experts H. Kent Baker, John R. Nofsinger, and Vesa Puttonen offer an insightful guide on avoiding those detrimental missteps. 

The Savvy Investor's Guide to Avoiding Pitfalls, Frauds and Scams explores the common pitfalls that investors face. Highlighting important issues when investing especially in common stocks and mutual funds, they explore the psychological biases of investors that can cause you to be your own worst enemy. Finally, they look at frauds and scams, and how to protect yourself from dishonest people wanting to profit at your expense. 

If you feel unprepared to face the risks of investing, Baker, Nofsinger, and Puttonen provide this essential guide to arming yourself against devastation on your path to becoming a savvy investor.
Chapter 1. Common Investing Pitfalls That Can Separate You from Financial Security and Success
Chapter 2. Common Stock Pitfalls That Can Lead to Big Losses  
Chapter 3. Mutual Fund and ETF Pitfalls: What the Industry Won’t Tell You 
Chapter 4. Self-Inflicted Pitfalls: The Dangers of Psychological Biases 
Chapter 5. Investment Schemes Designed to Separate You from Your Money 
Chapter 6. Other Frauds and Scams that Lure Unsuspecting Investors
H. Kent Baker, DBA, Ph.D, CFA, CMA, is University Professor of Finance in the Kogod School of Business at American University. He is an award-winning author/editor of 34 books and more than 300 other publications. 
John R. Nofsinger, Ph.D, is the William H. Seward Endowed Chair in International Finance at the University of Alaska Anchorage. He is the author/editor of 12 books and about 70 articles in scholarly journals. He is most widely known in the areas of behavioral finance, socially responsible investing, and biology of finance. 
Vesa Puttonen, Ph.D, is Professor of Finance at Aalto University School of Business in Helsinki. He has worked as senior vice president at the Helsinki Stock Exchange and as managing director at Conventum Asset Management.

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