The Philosophy of Transhumanism: A Critical Analysis

Benjamin Ross
University of North Texas, USA

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11 May 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
236 pages - 129 x 198mm
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Transhumanism is an international cultural movement which seeks to fundamentally transform the human condition through radical technological enhancement. Transhumanists claim that we are already in transition to a new phase of humanity where the limitations of mortality, ignorance, and suffering will soon be altered or even completely erased. The Philosophy of Transhumanism: A Critical Analysis presents the central ideas of transhumanist philosophy and offers a lens through which to reflect on the meaning of being human in anticipation of radical technology. The radical technologies in question variously include greater-than-human machine intelligence, mind-computer interfaces, gene-editing, and nanotechnology. The continued funding and interest generated by those associated with these projects suggest transhumanism is continued migration from a fringe concern to a central way of conceiving the future. Though a variety of positions exist within transhumanism, the unifying theme is a belief that the techno-engineering of a new type of upgraded human is both beneficial and inevitable. These ambitions raise serious questions about the appearance of a transhuman or even posthuman being, and warrants a critical analysis from alternative philosophical and religious perspectives. This book seeks to present the philosophy of transhumanism in a way that is both timely and accessible, and to challenge what will be seen as the core argument of transhumanist philosophy: that there is nothing about human beings that cannot be reconceived as a technical problem.
Chapter 1. Redesigning Humans 
Chapter 2. Engaging with Transhumanism 
Chapter 3. Living Forever:Transhumanism and Mortality 
Chapter 4. Unlimited; Intelligence and Well-Being 
Chapter 5. The Role of The Philosopher in Transhumanism 
Chapter 6. Transhumanism and Buddhist Philosophy: Two Approaches to Suffering
Benjamin Ross received his PhD in philosophy from the University of North Texas. His research interests center around environmental philosophy with a focus on emerging technologies. Recent publications on these topics include journal articles discussing the intersection of transhumanism, algorithmic bias and surveillance. In addition to writing and teaching, his art and design projects related to futurist themes have been exhibited internationally. He is currently a visiting scholar at the John J. Lynch MD Center for Ethics and an adjunct professor of philosophy.

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