The Peripatetic Journey of Teacher Preparation in Canada

Rosa Bruno-Jofré
Queen's University, Canada

Joseph Stafford
Queen's University, Canada

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12 Oct 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
208 pages - 152 x 229mm
Emerald Studies in Teacher Preparation in National and Global Contexts
The Peripatetic Journey of Teacher Preparation in Canada situates teacher training, preparation and education in Canada within national and global histories. The authors lead the reader through an exploration of the objectives of schooling, the contextual role of teachers, and the political undercurrents sustaining various educational conceptions and policies.  

Taking a ‘longue durée’ approach, the authors begin by considering traditional practices in Indigenous nations encountered by the colonizers of Canada, including the role of the community as an educator. Tracing teacher preparation through colonization, the authors then move on to the formation of the educational state, the development of educational sciences and educational debate, the professionalization of teaching, its feminization at the elementary level, and its integration into the university, along with changes that emerged out of the ‘long 1960s.’ The book closes with a discussion of the process by which Indigenous people are reclaiming control over their education, and with it their spirituality, as well as gaining control over the formation of their own teachers. 

 Placing the historical analysis of teacher preparation within prevailing political and socio-economic processes, the authors showcase a series of overlapping discourses and internationally relevant educational trends.
Introduction. Rosa Bruno-Jofre and Joseph Stafford
Chapter 1. From a Social and Emotional Educational Process to Missionary Conversion and Schooling: The 1600s to the Fall of New France in 1763; Joseph Stafford
Chapter 2. Teacher Preparation in British North America Before the Establishment of Normal Schools, 1763-1840; Joseph Stafford
Chapter 3. Teacher Preparation in Canada East-Quebec, 1841-1975; Joseph Stafford
Chapter 4. The Creation of the Educational State, the Normal School, and the Formation of a Polity in the Emerging 'Age of Empire'; Rosa Bruno-Jofre
Chapter 5. Teacher Preparation in English Canada in the Interwar Period: 1918-1945; Rosa Bruno-Jofre
Chapter 6. Shaking Teacher Preparation/ Education: The Post-war and the 'Long 1960s'; Rosa Bruno-Jofre
Rosa Bruno-Jofré is Professor and former Dean at the Faculty of Education, and cross-appointed to the Department of History, Faculty of Arts and Science, at Queen’s University, Canada. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in the Humanities Division. 

Joseph Stafford is a retired high school history teacher and a Past President of the Ontario Historical Society. In 2008 he received a national Governor General’s Award for Excellence in Teaching Canadian History.

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