The Organic Growth Playbook: Activate High-Yield Behaviors To Achieve Extraordinary Results - Every Time

Bernard Jaworski
Drucker School of Management, USA

Bob Lurie
Eastman Chemical, USA

Product Details
03 Aug 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
304 pages - 152 x 229mm
American Marketing Association
Conventional marketing strategies that focus on product differentiation and positioning often fail to deliver faster growth. Jaworski and Lurie offer a novel approach to the problem of growth based on two simple but profound insights. 

First, they demonstrate that in every purchase process there are a few high-yield customer behaviors that matter most in determining whether and what customers buy. 

Second, they show how changing those high-yield customer behaviors can consistently drive faster revenue growth. Drawing on decades of client work, the authors provide a detailed, engaging account of a proven system for accelerating – or even doubling – growth.  As evidence of its value, the system has been adopted by a host of Fortune 500 firms as their marketing and growth planning process. 

This book forms part of the American Marketing Association (AMA) Leadership series: 7 Big Problems of Marketing. 
Chapter 1. Overview of the Organic Growth Playbook 
Chapter 2. Terrafix: Reigniting Blockbuster Growth in Pharmaceuticals 
Chapter 3. First Principle: Map the Buying Process Waterfall 
Chapter 4. EnServ: “Everyone Sees the Market the Same Way”  
Chapter 5. Second Principle: Propensity-Based Segmentation 
Chapter 6. Sparkle Cosmetics: Winning at the Wall 
Chapter 7. Third Principle: Unearth the Critical Drivers 
Chapter 8. Caesar Financial: “We Need the Whole Client Portfolio!”  
Chapter 9. Fourth Principle: Develop a Behavior 
Chapter 10. Fifth Principle: Invest Disproportionately  
Chapter 11. Applying the Playbook in Different Markets 
 Chapter 12. Overcoming Organizational Roadblocks
Bernard Jaworski is the Peter F. Drucker Chair at the Drucker School of Management. He has published extensively in the most highly regarded marketing journals and has been ranked among the most highly cited scholars in the field of marketing. He has won all three major awards from the Journal of Marketing - the Maynard, Alpha Kappa Psi, and Jagdish Sheth Award - as well as several other awards. For 10 years he was a senior partner at Monitor Group, a global management consulting firm, where he helped lead several large-scale transformations of marketing at Fortune 500 firms. 

Bob Lurie is Vice President, Corporate Strategy, for Eastman. Prior to joining Eastman, he was a senior partner, then Co-Managing Partner of Monitor Group. He founded Monitor's marketing and growth practice, and was the architect of the innovative approach to organic growth that fueled its success and laid the groundwork for the Organic Growth Playbook. Over his career, he worked with scores of CEOs and GMs, in nearly every sector and part of the world to create successful growth strategies and help them adopt the approach organization-wide. Bob was a Phi Beta Kappa from Amherst College and earned his PhD. in economics from Yale University.
'Organic profitable growth is critical for the long-term health of a business and requires at least three ingredients: high-potential markets, valuable/well-marketed offerings, and strong commercial leadership teams. The Organic Growth Playbook by Bernie Jaworski and Bob Lurie doesn’t help you find a growth market or create a valuable product and service offering, and it doesn’t try to teach you how to lead. Rather, it focuses on the marketing process and how to best map those extremely high value "moments of truth" in the purchasing process with a focus on very distinct high-yield market segments and behaviors. Bernie and Bob’s proposition flips marketing 101 on its head, and can lead to high return by not only catalyzing increased revenue growth, but also by reducing marketing spend.' - Mick Farrell, CEO, ResMed

'The Playbook shows (1) the counterintuitive power of focusing on a very small set of customer behaviors rather than all stages of the buying process and (2) the effectiveness of focusing on shaping customer behavior versus the conventional wisdom of simply better product positioning.' - Anil Menon, Former President Cisco Smart + Connected Communities

'In a macroeconomic world where you need to create your own growth, The Organic Growth Playbook is a practical, detailed guide for faster organic growth, both in the core and in new markets. It is now the "Eastman way" to deliver growth.' - Mark Costa, Chairman and CEO, Eastman Chemicals

'In The Organic Growth Playbook, Jaworski & Lurie drive marketing back to the place it

should never have left: changing actual customer behavior. By focusing on deeply

understanding the customer journey in order to deliver compelling behavior change value

propositions, the Playbook provides an actionable blueprint for profitably and sustainably

growing your business.' - Roger Martin, Co-Author, Playing to Win Strategy Advisor, Author, and Former Rotman School Dean

'Nearly all of the biggest and even best positioned consumer brands around the world are struggling for organic growth. Its clear the tried and true is no longer sufficient. By digging deeper and wider into the context for purchase behavior, Lurie and Jaworski demonstrate an insightful and time tested approach for finding the levers of growth. It works.'  - Tom Long, Former CEO, MillerCoors

'Growing one's company is part of every manager's job, from the CEO on down. Most managers know this. They just don't know how to do it. Jaworski and Lurie provide a tried-and-true approach to doubling or tripling a firm's organic growth rate. Any manager committed to growing their company should read it.' - Mark Fuller, Former Chairman and CEO of Monitor Group

'A brilliant, lucid example of how astute observation of practitioners by creative minds can provide workable, powerful, general principles. Absolutely essential reading for any manager concerned with achieving sustained growth in any industry.' - Gerald Zaltman, Harvard Business School and Olson Zaltman, Author of How Customers Think and Unlocked: Keys to Improve Your Thinking

'Bob Lurie and Bernie Jaworski know if a company isn’t growing it’s probably dying, like most of us. However, in today’s world of rapidly changing business models and elusive competitive advantage they offer a fresh map of thinking on how to grow in an unpredictable environment. Read this book.' - Larry Weber, Founder,Weber Shandwick

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