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The New Research Frontiers of Communications Policy

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19 Oct 1996
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
292 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm


This timely volume provides a comprehensive view of the economic and social research frontiers of the telecommunications and information activities in the Information Age. New technologies and deregulation characterize this rapidly growing sector, which is assuming an increasingly international character. These changes are generating a wide range of local, regional and international policy issues. An international group drawn from research, industry and policy communities outline the important frontiers on which research efforts should focus. The book emphasizes the need for the implementation of such economic and social research.
Preface (M. Haddad). Research frontiers (D. Lamberton). The international economy: knowledge flows, and information activities (H.--J. Engelbrecht). Telecommunications demand (J. Alleman, A. de Fontenay). Comment (G. Madden, D. Cracknell). Localized knowledge, percolation processes and information networks (C. Antonelli). Comment (R. Joseph, D. Cracknell). Technological change (G.M. Peter Swann). Comment (M. Jussawalla, D. Cracknell). Market structures in telecommunications (J. Nightingale). Comment (D. Lamberton). Telecommunications and economic development (R. Maddock). Comment (N. Holcer, D. Cracknell). New developments in telecommunications regulation (M. Cave). Comment (M.S. Snow, D. Cracknell). Telecommunications regulation: an Australian perspective (A.J. Shaw). Social dimensions (D. Allen). Comment (A. Moyal, R. Joseph). Interdisciplinary research: history (A. Moyal). The contribution of information science to telecommunications research (J. Kirk). Telecommunications and management (B. Martin). Comment (D. Lamberton). Participants in the workshop. Supplementary references. Index.

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