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The New Institutionalism in Strategic Management Vol: 19

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23 Aug 2002
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
372 pages - 159 x 235 x 38mm
Advances in Strategic Management


These papers explore the contemporary strategic management field. They examine how firms behave, why they are different, what limits their scope and what determines success and failure in international competition.
List of contributors; Introduction: the new institutionalism in strategic management; How do Firms Behave?; Policy and process: a game-theoretic framework for the design of non-market strategy; Managerial decision-making in non-market environments: a survey experiment; Pretty pictures and ugly scenes: political and technological maneuvers in high definition television; The evolution of university patenting and licensing procedures: an empirical study of institutional change; Why are Firms Different?; Competition, contingency, and the external structure of markets; Institutional change in 'real-time': the development of employee stock options in German venture capital; Institutional barriers to electronic commerce: an historical perspective; What Limits the Scope of the Firm?; Informal and formal organization in new institutional economics; 'Tests tell': constitutive legitimacy and consumer acceptance of the automobile, 1895-1912; What Determines Success and Failure in International Competition?; Learning about the institutional environment; Institutions and the vicious circle of distrust in the Russian market for household deposits, 1992-1999.

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