The Networked School Leader: How to Improve Teaching and Student Outcomes using Learning Networks

Chris Brown
Durham University, UK

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03 Apr 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
250 pages - 138 x 216mm
As accountability increases while budgets decrease, a growing number of school leaders and policy-makers are turning their attention to Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) as a way of improving education and student outcomes in schools and across school systems. Although PLNs can have real benefits for teachers and students, a number of underpinning conditions need to be in place to ensure these networks have real impact. Key amongst these conditions is effective leadership.  
The role of school leaders is crucial to ensure that there is meaningful participation by their teachers in network activity and that this participation makes a difference within teachers' 'home' schools. In this timely book Chris Brown addresses the knowledge gap about how school leaders can effectively develop, support, and sustain PLNs within and across schools, drawing on two key case studies from England and Germany.  
Evidence-based, accessible, and engaging, with key takeaways for practitioners in every chapter, The Networked School Leader is crucial reading for school leaders, system leaders and education researchers working close-to-practice.
Chapter 1. The current context for Professional Learning Networks
Chapter 2. The labyrinth
Chapter 3. Connecting PLN learning with what happens in schools
Chapter 4. How can we learn from PLNs in Germany and England?
Chapter 5. Research Learning Networks in England: what do teachers and school leaders say?
Chapter 6. Research Learning Networks in England: exploring social networks, cultures of trust and innovation 
Chapter 7. Pess Networks in Germany: hearing the voices of teachers and school leaders
Chapter 8. Pess Networks in Germany: examining the use and value of networked learning
Chapter 9. Conquering the labyrinth: lessons learned from cases in England and Germany
Chris Brown is Professor in Education at Durham University, UK. He has a long-standing interest in how research evidence can and should, but often doesn't, aid the development of education policy and practice. Through his current work, Chris is seeking to drive forward research into PLNs as a means to promote the collaborative learning of teachers and to improve practice. This is Chris' eleventh book, he has also written scores of papers, and regularly presents at international conferences in Europe, Asia, and North and South America.

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