The Multiple Dimensions of Institutional Complexity in International Business Research Vol: 15

Alain Verbeke
University of Calgary, Canada

Rob van Tulder
Erasmus University, Netherlands

Elizabeth L Rose
University of Leeds, UK

Yingqi Wei
University of Leeds, UK

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04 Mar 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
576 pages - 152 x 229mm
Progress in International Business Research
The Multiple Dimensions of Institutional Complexity in International Business Research provides a fresh overview of many novel international business research challenges as they pertain to salient institutional dimensions with a locational component. 

The first part of the Volume includes chapters honoring the work of Eleanor Westney. These chapters address subject matter related to globalization challenges in the realm of the ‘new normal’ of populism and de-globalization tendencies. They focus on how the ‘new normal’, as well as various rapidly evolving institutions, will affect the functioning of multinational enterprises. The subsequent parts explore the impacts on international business of home country institutions; host country institutions; cross-country and subnational institutions; and finally, sustainability pressures. 

The book is strongly focused on the multiple contemporary dimensions of institutions and how they affect internationally operating firms. It is a must read for scholars and postgraduate students interested in the ‘new normal’ on a global scale.
Introductory Section;
D. Eleanor Westney: A Biography; Elizabeth L. Rose
Chapter 1: Institutions 2.0: Which Institutions Matter in IB Research?; Alain Verbeke, Rob van Tulder, Elizabeth L. Rose, Yingqi Wei (Editors)
Part I: The Great New Challenges for IB Research - Essays in Honour of Eleanor Westney
Chapter 2: International Business and Multi-Level Institutional Change: Looking Back and Facing Forward; D. Eleanor Westney
Chapter 3: Global Strategic Analysis and Multi-Level Institutional Change; Donald R. Lessard
Chapter 4: Is a Networked World Economy Sustainable?; Stephen J. Kobrin
Chapter 5: Network Effects and Multilevel Dynamics in the Internationalization of Digital Platforms: A Reflection; Mauro F. Guillen
Chapter 6: Renewing the Relevance Of IB: Can Some History Help?; Geoffrey Jones
Part II: Home Country Institutions and International Business/div>
Chapter 7: Managing Around Populism; Timothy M. Devinney and Christopher A. Hartwell
Chapter 8: Institutions, Corporate Governance and Internationalization of State Owned Enterprises in a Varieties of Capitalism Framework; Sergio Mariotti and Riccardo Marzano
Chapter 9: Business Group Affiliation and Export Propensity in New Ventures; Jonas Eduardsen, Svetla Marinova, Bozidar Vlacic, and Miguel Gonzalez-Loureiro
Chapter 10: Product and Process Innovations and the Institutional Context of Transition Economies: The Effects of External Knowledge; Virginia Hernandez, Maria Jesus Nieto, and Alicia Rodriguez
Part III: Host Country Institutions and International Business
Chapter 11: Corporate Anti-Corruption Policy, Investment Motives and Foreign Location Choice; Guoliang Frank Jiang and Michael A. Sartor
Chapter 12: Host Government Intervention and FDI Inflows: An Empirical Investigation; Gilbert Kofi Adarkwah Chapter 13: Stakeholder Responses and the Interplay Between MNE Post-Entry Behavior and Host Country Informal Institutions; Elina Pelto and Anna Karhu
Chapter 14: Old Risks, New Reference Points? An Organizational Learning Perspective into the Foreign Market Exit and Re-Entry Behavior of MNEs; Irina Surdu and Edith Ipsmiller
Chapter 15: Intangible Assets of MNE Foreign Subsidiaries: The Role of Internal Financial Resources and Host Country Institutions; Quyen T.K. Nguyen
Chapter 16: How Do SMEs Face Institutional Challenges in China?; Noemie Dominguez and Ulrike Mayrhofer Part IV: Multi-Country and Below-Country Level Institutions and International Business
Chapter 17: International Services: The Interface Between Service Characteristics, Policy, and Institutions; Kristin Brandl, Peter D. Orberg Jensen, Andrew Jones, and Patrik Strom
Chapter 18: Creating a Typology of International Alliances with City-Level Distance Measures; Juliane Engsig, Bo B. Nielsen, Paul Chiambaretto, and Andry Ramaroson
Chapter 19: Successful and Unsuccessful Radical Transformation of Multinational Mobile Telephony Companies: The Role of Institutional Context; Frank Elter, Paul Gooderham, and Inger Stensaker
Chapter 20: A Note on Changing Regulation in International Business; The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and Artificial Intelligence; Aldo Alvarez-Risco and Shyla Del Aguila-Arcentales
Part V: Institutions and Sustainability Strategies
Chapter 21: Environmental Sustainability Strategy and International Performance: A Review of Literature and A Conceptual Model; Leonardo. Barbosa, Jorge Carneiro, Camila Costa, Filip De Beule, Rafael Goldszmidt, and T. Diana Macedo-Soares
Chapter 22: Embeddedness and Interactions in New Public Environmental Management Governance: International and Intertemporal Evidence on Voluntary Standards; Marcus Wagner
Chapter 23: Environmental Concerns - Uniting Generations for a Global Cause in Turbulent Times; Susana Costa e Silva, Paulo Duarte, Carla Martins, and Paulo Collaco
Chapter 24: The Diffusion of Corporate Sustainability in Global Supply Networks: An Empirical Examination of The Global Automotive Industry; Bruno Barreto de Goes, Masaaki Kotabe, and Jose M. G. Geleilate
Alain Verbeke holds the McCaig Chair in Management at the Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary, and is the Alan M. Rugman Memorial Fellow at the Henley Business School, University of Reading. 

Rob van Tulder is a full Professor of International Business-Society Management at RSM Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Academic Director of the Partnerships Resource Centre. 

Elizabeth L. Rose is a Professor of International Business at the University of Leeds and an Adjunct Professor of Business Policy and Strategy at the Indian Institute of Management Udaipur. 

Yingqi (Annie) Wei is a Professor of International Business at the University of Leeds.

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