The Multifaceted Relationship Between Accounting, Innovative Entrepreneurship, and Knowledge Management: Theoretical Concerns and Empirical Insights

Rosanna Spanó
University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Nadia Di Paola
University of Naples Federico II, Italy

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07 Jun 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
128 pages - 129 x 198mm
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The interplay between accounting, innovative entrepreneurship, and knowledge management is an increasingly crucial and yet under-researched topic. These apparently compartmental debates need to be integrated and comprehended as a whole to support the entrepreneurial adventure in this new era. 

This book proposes a novel approach to the understanding of an entrepreneurial world that is quickly changing. It ties together the debates surrounding control, innovative entrepreneurship, and knowledge management, and acknowledges that there is a need to build a bridge between theory and practice. In doing so it provides a rich empirical analysis to support and complement the theoretical issues raised. The book offers a profound but easily understandable theoretical systematization, to date unavailable, alongside relevant practical and policy implications drawn from real case studies and business plans. 

The book will prove a useful and thought-provoking read to academic researchers and practitioners who are interested in the key interplay of these previously isolated disciplines.
Chapter 1. Innovative Entrepreneurship: Current Issues and Future Trends 
Chapter 2. Controlling Innovation and Innovating Controls Towards Entrepreneurship 
Chapter 3. Empirical Insights on the Relationship Between Accounting and Entrepreneurship
Rosanna Spanò, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Accounting in the Department of Economics, Management, Institutions at the University of Naples Federico II, Italy. Rosanna’s main research interest is in the behavioral aspects of accounting in complex settings. 
Nadia Di Paola, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Business Management in the Department of Economics, Management, Institutions at the University of Naples Federico II, Italy. Her research interests include entrepreneurship and innovation management. 

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