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The Many Faces of Public Management Reform in the Asia-Pacific Region Vol: 18

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09 Dec 2009
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
392 pages - 152 x 229 x 22mm
Research in Public Policy Analysis and Management
During the past decade, globalization and democratization have been the major forces that helped transform the structures, functions, and processes of Asian public sectors. Nevertheless, these transformation efforts of Asian countries vary considerably depending on local context, and have met with different degrees of success. Some countries experienced smooth transformations. For others, the reform process has been more volatile. These issues were explored at a conference July 7-9, 2008 in Bangkok, Thailand, hosted by the Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University, and co-sponsored by the International Public Management Network, the Asia-Pacific Governance Institute, and Thailand Democracy Watch. This book presents some of the works contributed by participating scholars and practitioners at the conference. The contents fall into three categories: corruption and anti-corruption initiatives, public financial management reforms, and public management reforms with emphasis on performance and results.
List of Contributors. Chapter 1 Corruption, anti-corruption policy and management reform. Chapter 2 Combating corruption in the Asia-Pacific countries: What do we know and what needs to be done?. Chapter 3 Corruption in India: Can it be controlled?. Chapter 4 The politics of combating corruption when big businessmen are at the helm: Lessons from Thaksin and Berlusconi. Chapter 5 Competition and Transparency in Government Procurement in Southeast Asia. Chapter 6 Why did anticorruption policy fail? Implementation of the anticorruption policy of the authoritarian new order regime in Indonesia, 1971–1998. Chapter 7 Assessing World Bank support for public financial management and procurement. Chapter 8 Unlocking capacity and revisiting political will: Cambodia's public financial management reforms, 2002–2007. Chapter 9 Making Indonesia's budget decentralization work: The challenge of linking planning and budgeting at the local level. Chapter 10 The causal dynamic effects of a performance-based budget on Thai public spending: A reexamination. Chapter 11 Managing performance in a context of political clientelism: The case of Thailand. Chapter 12 Do leadership and management for results matter? A case study of local e-government performance in South Korea. Chapter 13 Could a decentralized human resource management system in Cambodia strengthen performance and accountability?. Chapter 14 Assessing the impact of crises on the performance and governance of Asian countries. Research in public policy analysis and management. The Many Faces of Public Management Reform in the Asia-Pacific Regio. Copyright page.

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