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The Law and Economics of Patent Damages, Antitrust, and Legal Process Vol: 29

James Langenfeld
Ankura Consulting Group LLC, USA

Frank Fagan
EDHEC Augmented Law Institute, France

Samuel Clark
Ankura Consulting Group LLC, USA

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24 May 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
200 pages - 152 x 229mm
Research in Law and Economics
Law and economics research has had an enormous impact on the laws of contracts, torts, property, crimes, corporations, and antitrust, as well as public regulation and fundamental rights. 

The Law and Economics of Patent Damages, Antitrust, and Legal Process examines several areas of important research by a variety of international scholars. It contains technical papers on the appropriate way to estimate damages in patent disputes, as well as methods for evaluating relevant markets and vertically integrated firms when determining the competitive effects of mergers and other actions. There are also papers on the implication of different legal processes, regulations, and liability rules on consumer welfare, which range from the impact of delays in legal decisions in labour cases in France to issues of criminal liability related to the use of artificial intelligence. 

This volume of Research in Law and Economics is a must-read for researchers and professionals of patent damages, antitrust, labour, and legal process.
Chapter 1. The Law and Economics Of Patent Damages, Antitrust, And The Legal Process; James Langenfeld and Frank Fagan
Chapter 2. Resolving Bargaining Range Indeterminacy in Patent Damages after Virnetx; Rebecca Reed-Authurs, Michael P. Akemann, and David J. Teece 
Chapter 3. Critical Loss Analysis with Differentiated Products; Wenqing Li, Nathan Petek, and Hassan Faghani
Chapter 4. Vertical Integration, Market Consolidation and Economic Welfare; Dennis L. Weisman and Soheil R. Nadimi 
Chapter 5. Labor Litigation and Firm Performance; Nicolae Stef and Jean-Christian Tisserand 
Chapter 6. Regulating the Uncontrollable: The Development of Card Scheme fees in Payments Markets in Light of Recent Policy Intervention; Alen Veljan  
Chapter 7. Criminal Law and the Challenges of Autonomous Intelligence: Substituting a theory of guilt with the division of labor; Igor Vuletic 
Chapter 8. Two-Sided Social Media and Bad Faith Political Speech; Frank Fagan
James Langenfeld is Senior Managing Director at Ankura Consulting Group LLC, where he provides economic analyses and testimony regarding competition matters, mergers, damages, class certification, labour, and regulation, and Co-Chair of American Bar Association Antitrust Law Section’s Economics Committee. 

Frank Fagan is Associate Professor of Law and member of the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute. 

Samuel Clark is an Associate at Ankura Consulting Group LLC.

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