The Insight Discipline: Crafting New Marketplace Understanding that Makes a Difference

Liam Fahey
Leadership Forum, USA

Product Details
03 Aug 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
424 pages - 152 x 229mm
American Marketing Association
In this re-published book The Insight Discipline: Crafting New Marketplace Understanding That Makes a Difference, Liam Fahey details the analysis methods and modes of deliberations required to overcome data challenges and create an insight-driven culture. He lays out the business case for why leaders must emphasize the goal of attaining new insight if they want to gain maximum value from analysis.

The Insight Discipline provides you with a comprehensive guide to what it takes to craft marketplace insight that extends beyond the typical analysis findings. Plus, you’ll see how to use new insight to influence thinking, decisions and action at any organizational level.

This book forms part of the American Marketing Association (AMA) Leadership series: 7 Big Problems of Marketing.
Chapter 1: The Insight Discipline
Chapter 2: The 4I Diamond Framework
Chapter 3: Structuring: Preparing for Insight Work
Chapter 4: Sniffing: Deriving Preliminary Inferences
Chapter 5: Shaping: Crafting Change Insight
Chapter 6: Stipulating: Vouching and Validating Change Insight
Chapter 7: Implication Insights: The Segue to Business Implications
Chapter 8: Business Implications: Thinking, Decisions, Action
Chapter 9: Insight Work: The Influence of Emotions
Chapter 10: An Insight Culture: The Role of Leaders
Liam Fahey is co-founder and executive director of Leadership Forum, Inc. and the creator and leader of its Intelligence Leadership Forum. He has been a faculty member at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and Boston University, and he now serves as Professor of Management Practice at Babson College, USA.
'Marketing is rich in data but poor in insight. Liam Fahey does a remarkable job of systemizing how to gain marketing insights, tease out their implications, and use them to drive your decision making.' - Philip Kotler, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

'The Insight Discipline provides the rationale for why insight needs to be the focus of any form of marketplace analysis, clear conceptualization of what insight is (and is not), a roadmap for how to generate insight, and how to connect it to decision making.' - Jody Holtzman, Senior Managing Partner, Longevity Venture Advisors LLC

'Liam Fahey does a great job advancing the case for evolving an analysis-focused approach to executive support to an insights-based organizational capability that underpins decision making and impacts business outcomes.'  - Adrienne Jonnson, VP Competitive Intelligence, JP Morgan Chase & Co

'Marketplace change continually generates opportunities and risks. Yet most organizations flounder in their analysis of change; they generate reams of outputs but not insight. Liam Fahey's The Insight Discipline is required reading for those who want to establish and maintain an insight culture - marketplace analysis that makes a difference to winning customers and outperforming rivals.'  - Dave Miller, VP Strategy Jabil Corporation

'A masterwork that addresses what it takes win in any market context– leadership in developing "marketplace insight." Fahey pulls from many years of research and practice to develop a concrete, how-to-do framework for dealing with one of the most misunderstood – yet valuable – concepts in business: "Understanding that Makes a Difference: Insight." For any manager, marketer or business leader dealing with today’s deluge of data, and wondering just what to do with it, this book is a "must read".' - Ralph A. Oliva, Professor of Marketing Director, Institute for the Study of Business Markets Pennsylvania State University

'Truly actionable marketplace insight is important for business even in the best of times. Now more than ever insight is critical for organizations seeking to navigate increasingly complicated marketplaces, beset by technological change, globalization/deglobalization, and now COVID-19. In The Insight Discipline, Liam Fahey lays out a clear and compelling roadmap for organizations determined to become more systematically insightful in their marketing operations.'  - T E Clifton III, CEO Eastport Analytics

'The Insight Discipline is a rich gold mine, not merely for practicing foresight, but for developing agile mental models necessary for success in rapidly changing and continuously disruptive global markets. Liam Fahey takes the reader from insight and analysis frameworks to the knottier questions of insight implications, such as: What do we do with these insights? Who leads? What do we start working on come Monday? It's all here, in meticulously well-organized and highly readable prose.' - Peter Kennedy, Managing Principal, Futures Strategy Group

'Liam Fahey nails it. He addresses a timeless problem, how to transform data into insight, with a simple and executable framework. He does not just define the problem – he gives you a playbook on how to solve it.'  - Mike McCalley, VP Strategy and Marketing, CECO Environmental Corporation

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