The Inclusive Management Strategy: Engineering Culture Change for Employees with DisAbilities

Camelia M. Fawzy
University of Maryland, University College, USA

Brenda Shore
University of Phoenix, USA

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30 Apr 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
168 pages - 152 x 229mm
Every person has the potential to contribute to an organization as long as they have access to the right opportunities and connections, yet it sometimes is all too obvious that the stigma associated with a person’s disability can have a negative impact on their ability to develop healthy work relationships with peers and supervisors. This situation can only be remedied through effective change management, a systematic approach to designing, implementing, and measuring progress on unique culture-change goals. 

Here Camelia Fawzy and Brenda Shore draw upon more than 40 years of research and practical business experience to support leaders and managers’ efforts in transforming organizations and providing inclusive work opportunities for people with disAbilities (PwDs). What Fawzy and Shore offer is The Inclusive Management™ Strategy (IMS), an innovative approach to evaluating culture-change needs and to designing and implementing change solutions that address unique needs in order to create authentically inclusive social work-environments for PwDs. They address stigmatized differences associated with disabilities that lead to reducing fear, resentment, and anxiety in the organizational climate, ultimately arguing that culture change can only be achieved when most of our employees are engaged in a mind-change process, a conscious effort to change stigmatizing views associated with differences that need to be accommodated. 

For the practical, implementable plans of action it offers, The Inclusive Management Strategy is a must-read for managers and supervisors involved with policy, decision-making, strategy, and daily accommodations for PwDs.
Part 1. Respecting DisAbilities? 
Chapter 1. Defining DisAbilities 
Chapter 2. Inclusion and Respect 
Part 2. Culture Change = Mind Change 
Chapter 3. The Inclusive Management Strategy - Engineering Culture Change 
Part 3. Fairness and Threat - The Gatekeepers 
Chapter 4. The Fairness Dilemma 
Chapter 5. Equity, the Gateway to Engaging in Change 
Chapter 6. Reduce Threats by Hiring Strengths 
Part 4. The Transformational Learning Structure = A Mind-Change Mechanism 
Chapter 7. Learning, the Most Empowering Tool 
Chapter 8. Change Leaders: Addressing Biases During Unfreezing 
Part 5. Empowering Learning Structures 
Chapter 9. Learning that Opens Doors to Mind-Change 
Chapter 10. Learning Conversations 
Chapter 11. Who is on this TEAM? 
Chapter 12. Networks for Mutual Learning 
Part 6. Conclusion 
Chapter 13. Make Change Stick
Camelia M. Fawzy, Doctor of Management, is a seasoned entrepreneur, researcher and management consultant, envisioning inclusive organizations in which all employees are valued for their different perspectives and strengths. As a passionate professor of organizational behaviour with a focus on organizational development through learning, leadership and change management in a global business world, she is privileged to contribute to her students’ personal and career growth. As an innovator, she has designed and led research identifying models of authentic and inauthentic inclusion in the workplace. Her work is based on the foundation that all people have the potential to be valuable contributors in the workforce given the right opportunities and deserve the chances to do so. 
Brenda Shore, Doctor of Management, is an adept and versatile scholar-practitioner focused on the integration of human resource (HR) and management theory with applied processes used in industry. Taking a global approach to her research and application, she is a Wharton Fellow in International Business and has resided overseas on a school, work, and spouse visa giving you first-hand experience and knowledge in multi-cultural operations. Dr. Shore is recognized as a results-driven professional with proven leadership in human resource management and information technology; project manager, strategic partner with business operations, change champion, and mentor. Dr. Shore utilizes her consulting and industry experience to inspire and instruct students to be engaged in the pursuit of advanced education.

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